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Adding Articles

  1. Any player may add articles to the wiki.
  2. The content of any article is subject to review and potentially revision by wiki staff.
  3. If a player wishes to add an article to one of the established categories the article must be approved by Wiki staff, approval in this context means that the article is judged to meet current layout standards.
  4. Articles that deal with matters related to “MUSH canon” must be approved by plot staff before being added.
    1. Furthermore, these articles must be approved by wiki staff to ensure compliance with the current layout standards.
    2. Any article that relates to events, locations or items otherwise specific to a single character can be freely linked to from within that character's article, they are however, not guaranteed to be added to one of the main categories.
  5. Articles containing log files must be properly “sanitized” to ensure that they contain no private information such as pages or whispers unrelated to the scene. Additionally they will have to edited so that irrelevant OOC chatter and channel chatter does not get included.
    1. Log files must also live up to current wiki layout guidelines.
    2. The same rules are also applied to articles relating to closed TinyPlots.
    3. All log files are subject to review by wiki and MUSH staff.
  6. Articles relating to currently open TinyPlots must have been verified by MUSH plot staff in the event they are long running TinyPlots, in the event the open TinyPlot is going to consist of a single scene it is advised that the in-MUSH Bulletin Board system is used for the announcement.
  7. Certain categories are fully off-limits to non-staff, specifically the 'rules', 'staff' and 'help' categories. These are only editable by wiki and MUSH staff in general.

Editing Articles

  1. Any player may edit articles belonging to themselves, specifically articles relating to their own characters or other articles that they themselves have added.
    1. If given permission by the original author of the article any player is permitted to edit articles belonging to another player. In the event there is any doubt as to wheter permission was given wiki staff reserve the right to revert any questionable edits until such a time as it can be determined if permission was given.
  2. Wiki staff may edit the layout and formatting of any article without prior notice.
    1. Wiki staff may not, however, edit the content of any article without prior notice.
    2. Wiki staff may un-link any article that has been deemed inappropriate without prior notice.
    3. Wiki staff are afforded the same rights as any other player when editing articles belonging to themselves.
      1. In the event this happens, the player will be notified, but notification before the fact is not guaranteed.