Tonic Gin

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Tonic Gin
Tonic Gin.png
Medicine Mare Extraordinaire!
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Eyes Pale Blue
Mane Green
Coat Blue
Cutie Mark Two Flasks Crisscrossed
Age Middle-Aged
Occupation Medicinal Salespony
"I've got every cure for whatever ails ya! Any heartache, earache, buttache, toothache, stomachache, eyeache, tailache, tongueache, and every -ache under the sun!" - Tonic Gin

Tonic Gin was a medicinal salesmare specializing in selling any and every homebrewed remedy under the sun and the moon, and lots of high-quality sarsaparilla, too! But she's not around anymore.


Tonic Gin's story is not terribly wide-known, but is highlighted by some key points.


Tonic Gin, or "Ginny," was raised in Manehatten to a life that was much too boring for her liking, so she decided to strike out on her own the moment she was old enough to and traveled near and far. Of course, this came with the natural problem of not having a skillset worth money. That changed when she apprenticed herself with an apothecary; during her free time between running errands and being a salespony she experimented with her own brews and started to sell them not long after. Some were a great hit, others gave pink mustaches to newborn foals. All in all, however, she found her knack for making and peddling such wares. The only thing left to do was to continue her travels and find even better ingredients and new markets!


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Tonic Gin went to Neighpon at one point. We, um, don't talk about what happened in Neighpon.


When Tonic inevitably came into the town of Ponyville, she set herself up and immediately got to work peddling her wares. Some of what she sold was a great success, especially her bottles of freshly-made sarsaparilla, but much of her medicines came with interesting side effects that riled up a good many ponies. Fortunately for her, none of her medicines were so unhelpful as to be driven out of town. In fact, her greatest sale--The Miracle Elixir--sold to Princess Cadence played a major role in the birth of Melody. Unfortunately, her past caught up with her and two Neighponese agents found her. The moment she was discovered she packed up shop and fled, never to return.



Tonic Gin was a mare approaching her middle-aged point in life and tried hiding it by wearing a hat and a long coat. She had a straight green mane and tail on top of a blue coat of fur, also bearing very pale blue eyes. When exposed, one could see her twin flask cutie mark too!


Tonic Gin was a well-meaning shyster. She had secretly longed for a place to settle down for reasons she never disclosed to anyone and thought she had found her ticket in Ponyville. But in order to make ends meet she had to sell her wares, and while she was a skilled brewer she did not always pay close enough attention to what she made on account of looking over her shoulder. She came off as insincere at times, but otherwise carried herself as enthusiastically as any salesmare could.


Tonic Gin was exceptionally skilled at smooth-talking, making medicines, selling her wares, and defusing rough situations. On top of that, her sarsaparilla was the best to be found on the road!


Tonic Gin was cursed with cooking ineptitude and could not make any decent food items. On top of that, her past followed close behind her.