Rarity - August 2012 Fashion Show

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Lights! Camera! Action!

Within the far Western Wall of the Royal Canterlot Gardens a stage has been erect with a large velvet purple curtain drawn down to hide the busy and frantic schedule going on behind it. Two spotlights are shining upon the stage before the large crowd of waiting ponies as music can be heard coming from a small booth set up where a famous white unicorn bobs her head and spins a record. The music is light and playful with a hint of zip behind it, the kind that is meant to get the juices flowing without being overbearing. The two pegasi in the sky that holds the spotlights soon draw the twin beams of light together to reveal a long runway guided by beautiful red candles that stretches out to about thirty feet into the audience.

"Welcome ponies of Canterlot and Ponyville to Canterlot's first fashion show extravaganza! Prepare yourself to be amazed, dazzled, and wowed by the brilliant and jaw dropping designs of Lady Rarity! Tonight you are going to be treated to a night of romance and suspense that the fashion world has never seen before! May we all get a round of applause for our announcer... Spike!"

With that, the spotlights suddenly rush to the velvet curtains, waiting eagerly for the young purple dragon.

PinkiePie flies through the air in a wide arc, smashing into the top of a tree, tumbling down through it hitting several branches on the way down, then hitting the ground with a noise unlike a squeaky toy. She then hops towards the group as if nothing unusual happened. "La la la la la la la" It's a good thing she didn't land close enough to disrupt things.

The purple dragon would be stepping onto the stage, decked out in a suit and top hat, while holding a microphone. "Ladies and gentlecolts!" He says, strutting down the stage and waving the microphone around toward the audience. "Welcome again to Rarity's Showcase! We've got a lovely group of models displaying our lovely fashionista's work! To start off, we've got Sweetie Belle, and Floofy Hoof, displaying a lovely ensemble worthy of classy foals and colts!" He then turns toward the stage, and points toward the entrance.

Lowball makes her way into the crowd. Ponies near her start to whisper as she arrives. It's not often someone like her comes to one of these things, after all. She finds an empty seat near the front and watches on, though it's hard to tell through her glasses. As befitting the text on her jacket, she indeed has a poker face.

The Spotlight moves swiftly from Spike to the curtains that open up to reveal the first two models as Sweetie Belle gulps loudly in her throat. This was fun right up until about the time the curtains whooshed open and she was staring out into the sea of eyes staring back at her. Sweetie Belle's dress is a beautiful lavender dress that begins by being hooked about her chest with a bright blue in the shape of a musical double beam. The dress flows backwards upon her small white frame in two tones: Dark purple and a slightly lighter blue. Upon the back of the purple part of the dress is a single Octave Cleft, where the layer of the lighter blue has a smattering of Quaver and Semi Quaver notes stitched into the fabric. Upon her hooves is lavender colored shoes that match the rest of her ensemble. As soon as the light hits her eyes, she gives a proper curtsy as she looks nervously to Floofy Hoof, then starts out along the stage with him, holding her chin up high. Left. Right. Left. Right. Do not trip! Do not trip!

Applejack trots on into the gardens for the shw, wearing her cowboy hat like always as she looks over the stage, though making a face at 'romance' before heading toward the stage, "Uhhhhh... uhm, well, Ah'm guessin' this will be... interestin'" she says as she looks over toward Rarity doing what Rarity dose.

PinkiePie pops her head up from the back of the crowd, "Ooooooh." then ducks down, popping back up near Applejack, a big grin on her face, "Go Sweetie Belle and Floofy Hoof! They win the 'cutest name' contest too."

Paige makes appreciative little oohs at Sweetie Belle and her lovely dress. She stomps out a polite but firm applause to cheer on her friend and fellow Crusader.

Lowball watches on, betraying no emotion with her gaze. The outfits do look good on the foals, at least.

Unlike Sweetie Belle, Floofy couldn't be having a better time! He steps out from behind the curtain with a wide grin across his face. His little tuxedo clings to his miniature frame, running over the curves of his back and splitting into tails right before his natural one. The legs of the handsome coat running down his forelegs to the sparkling saphire cuff links above his hooves. They shimmer in the spot light and really set off with his matching blue bow tie. The small stallion squints as the light hits his eyes, but that doesn't seem to deter the colt from having a good time. In unison with his partner in fashion, he takes a bow before holding his head high as he trots along down the runway. This was so much fun!

When the applause hits her ears, Sweetie Belle gets quickly over her fear of the audience. Maybe she'll get her cutie mark in high fashion run way modeling! With a perky strut to her step, she puffs out her chest some as she gives Floofy a wild grin upon her face. When they reach the end of the stage in the middle of the sea of ponies, she turns one way, then the other, showing off every angle of her dress, nearly hopping on her hooves before giving a quick wave to her two cutie mark crusading besties in the audience that is shoved up to the front of the stage. Spying Paige as well, she gives another wave of her hoof, then turns to Floofy, giving him a curtsy as she faces him, followed by a wink. With that, she turns along with him for the trip back to the stage as the spotlight once more rushes over to Spike once the two young pony's reach the curtain.

Aww, kiddun's. Lullaby's here, for the most part, to show support for Rarity, not that she lacks for customers and spectators. But he's right up front and clapping for the kids with a ready smile.

Floofy Hoof's smile couldn't be wider. He reaches the end of the runway and turns to the side, rearing up and showing off the underside of the coat. He kicks his little legs and falls back on to all fours as he turns and bows to the little unicorn. With a sharp turn they're walking back up the runway, stepping in unison. They almost make it to the curtain before Floofy can't contain himself anymore. He turns to Sweetie and giggles. "That was so much fun," he whispers excitedly in his not so hushed tone.

Lowball doesn't clap, but does show her approval silently with a nod as the two foals leave the stage.

PinkiePie claps with all four hooves against the ground, giggling madly as she does. She's trying relatively hard to be good for her friend's fashion show.

Applejack reaches out, and wraps a hoof around Pinkie's neck, "So... ya here fer' Rarity?" she asks as she looks over.

Spike smiles at Sweetie and Floofy walk off. "Aren't they adorable?" He says, pointing to the two departing ponies as they return to behind the stage. "And now, for something more 'Adorkable'!" Spike says, chuckling to himself. "We've got two smart, and fabulous ponies, coming up; Steelshine, and Twilight Sparkle!" He calls out toward the audience, and dragging out the Sparkle just a bit.

Soon the music picks up to a quicker tempo, something with a bit more guitars and some singing violins. This must be something of Rarity's sense of humor as 'Hot For Teacher' suddenly starts to play as the spotlights once more rush towards the velvet curtains, waiting to horrify - err -- showcase the librarian and the guard together.

Twilight looks upwards into the light as it is shined on her, glimmering reflecting from the glasses perched on her muzzle. Her eyes fall closed as she stands like that for a moment, then steps forwards, the black fabric of the skirted gown she's wearing standing out in the light. Buttoned about her neck at the top, and then hidden beneath a fluffy sweater of darker blue, the skirt moves slightly around her hindlegs. From beneath its hem her tail, drawn back and styled, dark blue streaked through with her characteristic colors of magenta and rose. Her mane has the same treatment, drawn into a brush and away from her face. Eyes open then, looking over the rims of her wireframe glasses, and gazing to her partner on the 'walk, before dropping into a ladylike courtsey to him. Who said that academians and scholars couldn't look hot?

No sweat! This was no sweat at all! He just had to march down the walkway and back without making himself look like a fool. Easy as pie...wait, how do you make pie? Aw hay, there's his signal! Brave face...and smile! Steelshine appears on stage next under the light, having been done up not too shabby himself. His tuxedo jacket, squarely cut and ending just at the flank, was a smooth and vibrantly pure black and ran along him comfortably and sharply. Beneath that a pristine white tuxedo shirt, adorned with a traditional black bowtie and white buttons. At the ankles of his forehoof were flawless emerald-and-gold cufflinks, shining as they catch the light of the spotlight. Steelshine had even let the ponytail go and let it go somewhat rugged and parted down the middle, albeit controlled enough to not interfere. He gives Twilight a bow to match her curtsey and pairs up with her, smiling at her briefly, then takes his place and makes the walk down the runway with her in near-perfect tandem, being her complement as best he possibly can!

Lowball continues to look on as the next two models appear. Some of the mares in the audience around her are definitely voicing their approval of Steelshine, a bad sign, she realizes, since the guard is not as cute as her own coltfriend. Still, she maintains her stoic expression. She has a reputation to uphold.

Shining Armor stomps his hooves and whistles. "All right Twiley!" The stallion smiles wide as he cheers on his sister and fellow guard pony. "Lookin good there, Steel," He gives the pegasus a wink accompanied by a coy smile. Oh. Oh yes. Steel was not gonna hear the end of this one for at least a month.

PinkiePie tilts her head, bumping against Applejack's head with hers gently, her own head making a bit of a coconut sound, "Rarity sent me an invite!"

Paige blushes but trots out another applause for Twilight and Steelshine. Her idol looks amazing up there.

Zephyr gwinz as he looks to Steelshine as well. Then the guard resumes his 'grr face' and continues his patrol of the show's perimeter.

The face of the violet unicorn on the 'walk colors pink as she hears the cheers tossed up to herself and Steelshine, Twilight Sparkle stepping in time with Steelshine. Even as she continually tells herself: Walk like Rarity, not like Celestia. Walk like Rarity, not like Celestia. To her credit, she seems to pull it off! Slowly she walks together with the tuxedo-bearing guardspegasus beside her, seeming completely comfortable in his presence - even if not so much with the cheers of the crowd.

Applejack looks over toward Pinkie as she smiles, albet a bit nerviously at the coconut sound as she bonks their heads together, "Ohhhh, I see... well nice to see you Pinkie." she says as her eyes are mostly on the show at the moment.

Lullaby smiles broadly at Twilight, encouraging her along when she passes by where he sits, eyes jocular as he regards her with a sort of kindly comraderie. Steelshine gets more of his attention, though he doesn't seem to be leering at the guard so much as looking over the cut of the clothes and their styling. Could be he's planning on placing an order and is trying to choose something from the new line.

Steelshine seems to relax a little and let his "inner model" shine a little more. He stops a little short of Twilight, allowing the scientifically beautiful mare to hit the end and show off her fashion properly. At the right moment he displays himself modestly a smidge, letting himself be on display for this brief moment. Nothing to it, right? Well, besides being in front of his fellow guards...there goes the conversations by the scuttlebutt for the next two months!

Flashes of light erupt from within the audience as ponies and paparazzi combined fight for the 'right' shot of the two models on the stage. The crowd stomps and cheers more at the sight of Twilight Sparkle, leader of elements, the hero of ponyville! Also, who is /that/ hunk? Gabby Gums will surely have something to write about in tomorrow's paper!

With a smile Twilight accepts the deferral of her partner on the ponywalk, as she steps away from him, further to the end and slowly turning about, showing herself off. She's still blushing, but it does sort've add to the demure attractive she shows. A small bow left, and then right, accepting the flash of camera lights before she turns away and resumes her place at Steelshine's side, the two ponies walking together back towards the curtain.

Steelshine had better not be in the papers! Nevertheless, when it's time he finishes his display and waits for Twilight before turning around and walking back up the 'walk at her side, his ruggedly-groomed tail swishing naturally. Just moments later, seemingly an eternity for the models, they're out of the spotlight and behind the curtains, setting the stage for the next pair of ponies.

Rarity looks overjoyed once Twilight and Steel reaches the curtains. Once they slip inside, she reaches out and gives Twilight a big hug. "Thank you." SHe whispers against her ear before she dashes off once more to the dressing room.

"Nice job you two! Hope you guys come back for the next show!" The purple dragon calls out, watching Steel and Twilight go off stage. "And now! You've seen the lovely fluttershy all over Ponyville, and she's had a trip down the runway as well! And she's now alongside the poet Skyheart, displaying a lovely outfit worthy of such artsy types!" Spike cheers, pointing down the runway toward the newcomers.

And... nopony comes out for a moment. After an awkward moment or two, the buttery pegasus finds herself being pushed out onto the walkway. Her eyes go wide as she stares at the crowd, looking almost imediatley like she's going to dash back to safety before getting an offscreen telekinetic nudge. The pegasus starts to make her way down the runway in an absoluately stunning creation of Rarity's. A magnificent creation of pink, magenta and purple garbs the pegasus. A shimmering sparkling display of pink covers the back of the outfit, while a ribbons of see-through fabric of blue, white and purple lay down the back of thre dres, connected to the hem up front. The front of the dress is graced by a collar of purple down her front, while sleeves of a soft see-trhough white flow down to her slippered and ribboned forehooves. By her ear sits a flower-shaped ornament with a sparkling gem at the center, from which five ribbons wrap through her expertely styled mane. The pegasus gives a small um as she looks around, before floating gingerly forward, barely making a sound

If the paparazzi wants something to write about then here comes a second helping. Right alongside the former model follows up-and-coming romance author Skyheart. He's wearing a trim tuxedo much like the other stallions. However, his seems a bit different. The lapel is a bit wider to facilitate a large red rose he had tucked in it. His mane is slick back and his tail is neatly trimmed. His wings are nigh perfectly groomed and gently placed at his sides. With the already attractive pair dressed to the nines, they would be impressive if they were moving... He nudges Fluttershy for a moment. "We need to keep moving." He reminds her. He starts to step forward as if to lead her down the aisleway.

Lowball raises an eyebrow as one of the mares in the audience loses it as Sky hits the stage. She looks back to the stage.. and sees Sky nudging Fluttershy. "Ah knew it..." she says softly. There goes the poker face. She's extremely jealous right now.

PinkiePie is waving frantically at everypony that comes out, cheering them on a bit aggressively before going back to clapping all fours against the ground beneath her; she's gonna wear a hole in the ground at this rate.

"Fluttershy! It's -FLUTTERSHY-. She's back!" The Paparazzi cries out as they start to pepper the stage with flash bulbs. Even Photo Finish is in the audience, oooing and mumbling something about 'ze magics' as she stares at the couple over the brim of her shades. The spotlight follows after the two slowly to keep up with the nervous pony's pace.

Spike couldn't help but chuckle at Fluttershy, but smiles at her. "Aren't they lovely, folks?"

Fiesta Flores cannot help but take a little peek from behind the runway curtains at the reaction and the hoopla raised by Fluttershy's entrace. Oh. My. Skies. She has to follow /that/? For the first time, she gets a bit nervous.

Lullaby claps eagerly for that showstopping stunner of a gown, nerves or no nerves on the part of the model. It even distracts him from looking at the next tuxedo on offer, well as Skyheart is wearing it.

Sugar Rush puts a wing over Fiesta's shoulder, "You ready? I hope I don't embarrass you..." Behind the scenes, Fiesta panically pats at Sugar Rush. "Ai! Preparate. Get ready..." She urgently peers at the runway and is half blinded by the flash of cameras.

As the two fabulously dressed ponies head down the runway, Rarity is nervously biting on her hoof, praying to Celestia that Fluttershy doesn't trip and fall into the audience, or bolt. By now, Vinyl Scratch is spinning a lovely and romantic tune, something gentle and breezy.

It seems as if sh needs a bit of the guidance, but soon, Fluttershy's walking down the walkway as she's done before. Upon hearing the calls and seeing Photo Finish out in the audience, soemthing.. snaps. The pegasus' eyes go somewhat distant and she just stares forwards, turning her head this way and that but it's almsot positive that she isn't seeing or hearing any of this, continuing to move entirely on autopilot. Still graceful as ever though.

A white pegasus glides down at the edge of the garden, then wanders up to watch the fashion show.

Skyheart continues on as well. However, Fluttershy's distant expression worries him. By the time the they reach the center stage to show off the outfits, the gears start turning. His own 'magics' as it were. He smiles a bit and looks out to the audience. They want a show? They'll get a show. Practically sweeping Fluttershy off of her hooves, he dips her down in a dance-like pose. (Picking up on this, the DJ has quickly switched to a stylish waltz.) Holding that for a moment to let applause hit, he then gently tosses her up in the air, letting her gently spin about to give a full 360 view of the dress as she tumbles. Flying up to catch her in a dance, he holds her waist with one hoof while the other holds hers as they spiral down gently. Landing and repoising themselves, Skyheart looks to the audience and turns away to start to leave, but only after he flicks his head back far, letting the rose from his lapel fly into the audience. He gently extends his hoof to his partner again, to escort her back down the ailse to let the next set march up.

And the mares go wild!

Lowball watches as the rose flies into the air. She tries to grab it, but another mare in the audience snatches it with her magic. She sighs and gets up. "Ah can't take no more'a this..." she says softly as she makes her way through the crowd.

The crowd erupts once more into cheers as Fluttershy breaks a world record for pictures taken within two heartbeats. Even Photo Finishes rises up to clap his hooves together, letting out a whistle. There is a rippling murmur through the crowd. Such poise. Such /grace./ Who is that pegasus with the moves? My, he is /handsome/.

Fluttershy ... doesn't seem to notice as she's picked up and tossed, which is probably a good thing for her. As she starts to walk back, she continue to ahve that same vacant look as she is led back to the safety of backstage.

Who is he? That's easy. Out of the corner of his eye Sky sees somepony he didn't expect: his publisher. Handing out flyers. To his book signing. Once he was spied on stage guess what said publisher just ran out of? He resumes ducking into the back of the stage, now sharing the same blank expression on his face. "Uh oh..."

Spike says, "Which just goes to show you, everypony loves Fluttershy!" He says, calling out to the crowd, and pointing down the aisle toward the two leaving ponies. Spike smiles. "Let's get another round for Skyheart and Fluttershy!" He urges the audience to keep up their enthusiasm for a minute. He does a quick turn toward the front of the stage, posing with the microphone. And now for something a bit more...spicy!" He says, taking a quick pause before saying 'spicy', which was uttered with a hiss. "Next, we've got Sugar Rush, and Fiesta Flores, in a latin theme!""

After Skyheart and Fluttershy's exit; the music changes tone and tempo. The beat quickens and is drum heavy -- turning decisively to the south. Colored lights flash in time with the beat. The rythym is catchy, seductive, and intoxicating. From the start of the runway twirls Ponyville's own latin pony, Fiesta Flores -- surely anyone would know the ruddy mane and blond coat. She's modelling a stunning flame-red dress that flows over her body like a firey river, the medium train over her haunch sassily cut high and tassled with brilliantly gleaming diamonds that flick and move with each shimmy of her body. She reaches across the runway, angling and bumping up against her partner, a handsome white pegasus. Curtsies and bows? No! She takes to his side and his hooves, preparing to dance in time to the flashy rhythm of the salsa south down the brightly colored runway! Spicy - yes - its time to turn up the heat!

Fiesta's partner is...is that Sugar Rush? If it is, he looks more dapper than usual! His sugar-white coat fairly glitter in the spotlight, as does his well-groomed mane, as though they contained crystals of the sweet substance he shares his name with. He wears a elegantly tailored black tuxedo with a matching bow-tie and cummerbund that nicely contrasts with his natural white coloration. A pair of ruby cuff-links shine as brightly as his ice blue-eyes. His rather formidable wings are folded at his side through the "wing-sleeves" in the jacket. He smiles, looking over the crowd as he move in time with Fiesta, which he then takes hold of and begins to salsa dance with her on the runway. Ole!

Some ponies have taken to giggly smiles at the words 'shake that plot' -- this is something that Fiesta takes very seriously! Ponies from Mexicolt and south of San Palomino take such movements VERY seriously, and this is very obvious from the way that Fiesta is escorted down the runway with Sugar Rush. As he executes the basic salsa steps, her hind hooves adorned flashy ruby shoes shimmer with each step in and step out. Continuous shimmies of her hips as she walks forward with the stallion, blinking supermodel eyelashes and wearing a gorgeous smile to go along with her flashy dress! The tassles fly outwards with scintillating lights, until she and Sugar Rush reach the end of the runway -- whereupon she dips and turns, belly upwards to show the delicate workings of the dress as it goes down her chest and along her waist, and *falls* in front of Sugar Rush, so that the stallion can catch her in his arms.

~Por favor no pare la musica! Por favor no pare la musica! Se esta haciendo tarde, estoy haciendo mi camino a mi lugar favorito! Tengo que recuperar mi cuerpo en movimiento, agite el estres de distancia! Yo no buscaba a nadie cuando me miro!~ The music pumps through the speakers as the spotlights take on a red glow as they follow along with the two dancing partners. ~Quien sabia que estarias aqui, mirando como lo hace! Estas haciendo imposible permanecer aqui! Nena, tengo que decir, tu aura es increible, Si usted no tiene que ir, no lo hagas! ~Por favor no pare la musica!~ Vinyl Scratch continues to excite the crowd as she pumps a hoof in the air along with the saucy, latin beat. Rarity gives a cheer from behind the curtain, then starts to rush off to put the final touches on her own dress.

Rush manages to keep up with Fiesta as she dances with vigor and energy! He complements her moves, but doesn't overshadow her, letting her take "center stage" as it were. When they reach the end of the runway, he help her into her twirl, then catches her as she falls back into his grasp, going into an elegant dip. Their muzzles are teasingly close to each other as they hold that pose for several moments.

Once more the crowd pours on the cheers as they seem mesmerized by the spicy dance of romance between the two ponies. Cameras flash like lightning across the audience as the spotlights follow each partner playfully. By now, the crowd is moving to beat, dancing along with the music as they whistle and stomp their hooves. There is nothing like a wild party to get the blood flowing!

And so the pose is held there for tantalizing, teasing seconds -- her muzzle bare centimeters from his, so that the breath is shared between the two. The fabric of her dress and its tassles dip along with her body, hanging from the effect of gravity, while she rests in his capable embrace. The music itself, having risen to a quickened crescendo, stops along with the heartbeats and the lights go dark -- so that only the flashes from the jealous cameras illuminate the stage. When the lights go back on, Fiesta and Sugar Rush are walking back down the runway to its beginning to the continuing rhythm of the night, tassles flaired, until back at the start she returns to Sugar Rush's embrace to be led away from the prying eyes of the audience!

Twilight, now that she's been freed from looking 'the teacher that all is hot for', manages to get out into the crowd again in time to see the two latin-themed ponies heading back inside. She missed Fluttershy? Darn it! Still, whoever thought that Sugar Rush of all ponies would look handsome as all that, a small bit of applause added as she looks up at the two ponies walking back towards the curtains.

Shining Armor's eyes go wide, beset upon the dancers. He stands there awestruck with jaw agape for several moments before erupting into whistles and cheers. The stallion stomps his hooves and voices his appreciation for the duo. And here he thought it would be a boring event.

Zephyr continues to direct guards about the grounds as he makes his rounds patrolling the grounds. The stage catches his eye on this trip around and he's bedazzaled by the spectacle he witnesses by Rush and Fiesta! He gives them both a shrill sharp whistle before he resumes his duties.

Lullaby smiles at the change in music, reddening at the cheek and the inside of his ear. But he restrains himself from moving to the music, sitting prim with one stifle hooked over the other, clapping from the front row of seats and leaning to the mare next to him to exchange a nod and a few drowned out comments of approbation.

Paige has been watching the whole thing with vaguely embarrassed awe. Not that she needs to be prettied up or anything. No, that's too much attention by far.

Lowball finally manages to get through the crowd and leaves the gardens. Most likely she's headed to the nearest bar.

Steelshine sneaks out into the audience, tux back to wherever it came from and worms his way through the audience, finding his way over to Shining Armor. "'Scuse me, pardon me, oops sorry, just need to..." And then he's there! "Hey Captain...what did I miss?" Not going to bring himself up. Nope.

Pipsqueak pushes up beside Paige. "Oy," he whispers, "You orta /see/ the snack bar!" he says excitedly. "Oi got you a cupcake!" Indeed, there's a chocolate cupcake perched on top of his head, and evidence of a second one smeared around his muzzle.

Sugar Rush escorts Fiesta back into the wings and off stage. He smiles, "So, what do you think, Fiesta?", he carefully whispers.

Spike says, "And thanks you two! You two are so hot I'm sweating!" He says, turning to the audience once more. "And now, last, but not least, our host, and the creator of these lovely ensembles, the lovely, the beautiful, the magnificent, RARITY!" He yells, toward the audience, and then toward the stage, hoping that Rarity pulled out all the stops for her."

Shining Armor chuckles, giving Steel a nudge in the side. "Only the best salsa in Canterlot since El Burro's Mexicolt Cantina closed. I had no idea into fashion." He pats the pegasus on the shoulder and smiles, "But we can talk about that later. I've got something to take care of." At that, the captain excuses himself, making his way off to the side from the crowd.

Paige startles, leaping into the air and making a succession of stammery noises, blush intensifying by one-twelth of a Standard Fluttershy unit. She pauses, makes another little noise and then accepts the cupcake, nibbling nervously. "Thank you."

Fiesta Flores dips down off the stage now that the apperance was over. "Really well," she beams at Sugar Rush, and quietly gets out of the way, taking him with her. "Vamos, shh."

Pipsqueak blinks at Paige. "Wot's wrong? You're jumpier than Adelaide's wallaby." He grins. "This isn't as boring as Oi thought it'd be."

"I'm not..." he says to Shining before the Captain excuses himself. Yep, two months' worth of scuttlebutt.

Twilight Sparkle throws up a cheer of anticipation as Rarity is called for, a little bounce in the unicorn. She knows this is going to be great!

Paige trots out an applause for the incoming creator of the show. "Wh-what? I'm not jumpy. I don't know what you're talking about. Cupcake. Eating cupcake." Nom nom nom.

Skyheart manages to set Fluttershy at a seat by her friends, waving his hoof in front of her while she's still somewhat catatonic. "Hello? Ugh..." He looks around for Lowball. She said she'd be here. Where'd se go? "...Oh don't tell me..." He sighs and hopes he just lost her in the crowd or something. For now he pays attention to the end of the show.

Sugar Rush goes off to the side with Fiesta and watches for the grand finale with Rarity.

The stage darkens quickly once the salsa music ends and Spike's voice rings through the speakers. The spotlights turn towards the curtains as they slowly open to reveal a pair of glowing eyes. Soon, the beautiful symphony piece known as The Moonlight Sonata beings to play as Rarity steps out onto the stage. She is wearing what appears to be a classic Renaissance dress of the deepest red and gold. The plush velvet red wraps about her body and flows out at last two feet behind her as the gold beneath it wraps about her chest and trickles down about halfway down her forelegs. The dress is held together by a single heart shaped ruby at her throat that catches the spotlights perfectly. Her mane is styled up beautifully with red and gold flowers woven throughout it, complete with a small gold tiara settled upon her head. As she strides out, at her side is none other than Fancy Pants! He is wearing a deep black tuxedo with a red cummerbund. As the two take their bows to one another, they proudly walk down the runway together with a gentle sway to their body to the lovely piano. There is a /huge/ but nervous smile upon Rarity's face as he looks left to right, trying to spy her friends in the audience. The dress is not over the top or garrishly filled with sparkles for a change. She wanted something elegant, something -regal-.

Spike was practically swooning from where he was, while looking at Rarity. "Isn't she beautiful?"

"Oi guess," Pipsqueak says in an undertone.

Steelshine smiles. Rarity DID know how to go all out, huh? The guardpony, freed from tuxedo, stamps his hooves in support of the fashionista who set this all up. "Go Rarity!"

Fiesta Flores accepts a bit of water... those lights are incredibly hot, and even though her dress doesn't exactly have a ton of fabric she feels exhausted! She settles in by her partner Sugar Rush, and offers him some water as well as she looks up to Rarity's finale.

Sugar Rush smiles to Fiesta, and accepts the water, "Thanks." He smiles as he watches Rarity take the stage, "Well, the finale is a nice bit of counter-point to our performance. Very restrained and regal." He smiles to Fiesta, "Did you enjoy our performance?"

Paige gasps. "She's so pretty," she says in a hushed voice.

Lullaby lowers his chin, giving Rarity a knowing smile and a supportive nod of his head while claps his hooves in a manner well-bred, refined.

Zephyr turns to look towards Rarity and grins as the mistress of fashion herself finally appears. He gives her a once over and mouths out a 'wow'. The captain then resumes his patrol as he continues to keep on eye out on the crowd from above.

Once Rarity and Fancy Pants make their way to the end of the runway, they turn to each other slow and give another slow bow. Fancy Pants takes her by the hoof and gives her a slow twirl to the Moonlight Sonata, followed by a gentle dip back and up. Smiling brightly as she stares into his eyes, she strokes a hoof along his cheek before settling back and relishing in the cheer from the audience. With another bow to one another, they start back with their slow saunter, spotlight following each step they take. Once they reach the stage again, Rarity cuts to the left as Fancy Pants makes his exit behind the curtain. With a kiss to Spike's cheek, she turns to the microphone and speaks. "Thank you -all- for coming to my Fashion Show! I hope that you all enjoyed the festivities and the designs. Every pony on stage tonight worked very hard and looked lovely if I do say so myself." A knowing smile tugs upon her lips as she clears her throat. "But, I have one more surprise for all of you ponies of Canterlot! Please allow me to welcome my final model for my Canterlot Fall Fashion Line.. the Princess of Love herself!" As the spotlights turn to the curtains once more, the beautiful and hypnotic tune of Con Te' Partiro soon begins to march through the speakers.

Twilight Sparkle bounces in place as she looks at Rarity on the stage, lifting her hoof in a wave at the fashionable pony on the runway. She then pauses, getting an idea in mind, and she puts her hooves to her muzzle just as she's seen Pinkie Pie do. Sadly, her attempt at whistling is... underwhelming. Pffff! Pffff! Oh well. She goes back to waving and cheering at the two ponies.

A soft curtain of pink fills the room of hue, pulling together into little pink hearts that dance about, floating toward the ceiling like bubbles before they each pop all at once. A sparkle of glitter falls from the sky, trailing toward the stage as Cadence makes her way out. Her form is obscured by a fan of feathered wings, which she pulls up against herself before taking a step forward. The mare general ensemble of her tiara and regalia is still upon her; the small golden crown with diamond-shaped amethyst and gem sphere, and a polished gold chest piece with heart swirl at the chest. It is the newest additions that draws out a bit of her form. A blanket of fine purple silks drapes over her back and hips, cut into a large heart-shape and fringed with lace of flower design. The outfit then splits into a short train of the sheerest of pink silks, bordered and banded by a matching purple to the base. In the space of the sheer pink silk train are embroidered roses in blossom, while along the outer hem is a a matching frill of daisy flowers. ALong the inner hem, darker embroidery of butterfly wings flutter along. Upon her hooves, she wears a pair of delicate slippers of pale, light purple. The ribbon laces wrap about her legs, as they tie in delicate bows just below her knees.

Shining Armor steps out onto the stage after his love dressed in a sharp black tuxedo. The lapel is encrusted wit an assortment of amethyst and saphire, forming a pattern that draws attention down to his collar to show off a deep magenta bow tie with a dark blue stripe through the center. The stallion smiles to his partner, touching his horn to hers and staring into her eyes. "You look amazing, Cadence," he says as he bows to her. "More beautiful than I've ever seen you before. I guess wonders will never cease." Shining chuckles to himself and starts his walk down the runway with the alicorn. Light from his amethyst cuff links glisten and shimmer with each hoof fall. He looks out into the crowd and smiles, nodding his head towards Cadence. He was just the escort, after all. She was the real show.

And once more, all the mares let out a collective /sigh/ at the sight of Shining Armor, while stallions find their jaws suddenly best friends with their ankles as they stare at the lovely visage that is Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. Rarity watches the two lovers proudly as she sways side to side slowly with the music. Her greatest achievement! That dress. That /beautiful/ dress. There is no way she could have pulled that off herself and she is more than elated to have a Princess wear it instead. She claps gently as her eyes soften. True love. How wonderful.

Paige does not swoon, as that would be completely uncalled for. But the cadence of her applause does get lost for a second.

Lullaby's jaw just... kind of drops, a little bit, breath trying somehow to wrestle in between clenched vocal chords, making a vague squeaking noise. He is not, on the whole, given to gawking at marekind, but that dress... that. Dress. The gorgeous.

Twilight Sparkle drops onto her haunches, her jaw open and threatening to hit the grassy ground as she stares up at her brother, and her sister in law, both of them literally the crown jewel of the night.

The white pegasus drifts up beside Twilight Sparkle, "They look amazing," she whispers.

All this froofroo fashion stuff isn't his thing, but even Zephyr is taken aback at the sight of Cadence in her dress. "Holy <squee>..." He saheks his head and returns to making circles in the air over the crowd and calling orders down at guards,

Princess Cadence giggles at Shining, covering her muzzle with a forehoof. "Oh, you're a terribly romantic," she chides him playfully as she turns about, letting the sheer fabric twinkle in the light as she does so. She stops back beside the stallion unicorn, a grin wide upon her muzzle. She takes a bit of a curtsy, her cheeks darkening a little with blush. "Well, this is fun," she says softly to him, leaning in close as she looks over the audience. Catching Rarity's own reaction, she giggles again, ears wiggling about. "Oh, stop it. It's just a dress, sillies," she tells them with yet another giggle.

Steelshine...okay, there was no way his boss was going to heckle him now. Or maybe he would anyway, but even the golden pegasus had to admit...they looked /good/.

Twilight Sparkle gives a little soft 'uh-huh..' as she stares up at the her brother and his wife, still quite stunned by the sight of them both.

Fluttershy blinks herself awake as she looks around. "um.. what? is the show over? What's going on?"

Skyheart sighs. "Finally..." He points to Cadence and Shining Armor, informing Fluttershy of what's going on. "You sort of.... blanked..." He informs her. "Are you okay?

Shining Armor and Cadence slowly make their way to the end of the runway and turn to face each other once more. The captain lifts the beauty's silk ribbon wrapped hoof to his lips, gently bestowing a kiss upon it. He turns again to the crowd and takes a step back to let Cadence show off for a moment, taking the time to find Steelshine and Twilight in the audience and give them a knowing smile.

As the bulbs flash and pop once more, the Canterlot crowd suddenly erupts into a tizzy as somepony yells out: Shut up and take my money! It seems the sight of the royal pair has caused the upper crust of Canterlot society to salivate. Now -that- is a fashion statement. First Fancy Pants, then the Princess? Surely these designs will be the talk of the town for sometime. Rarity blushes once more as she watches the pair of them, quietly singing along with the words of the song into the microphone, eyes half lidding. This was better than the Gala in her opinion. Though the night is really about her fashion show, in her heart, it was about sharing this moment with her -best- friends and seeing how amazing they looked beneath the stars and spotlight.

Twilight Sparkle, on the receiving end of that knowing smile from her big brothr, slowly closes her mouth before she catches flies. Oh, she's still staring. Nothing will close those eyes of hers. No thing. Until they're off the runway, anyways...

Princess Cadence wiggles her hips a little, letting the train dance out behind her and flutter, causing the twinkles to continue for a quick spell. She turns toward Rarity, and whispers in toward her. "Thanks for letting us do this, Rarity! It was fun!" She giggles softly, letting Shining Armor take the lead of the pair as she falls into his stride.

Steelshine looks at Shining, then...to Twilight...then to Shining. Twilight, Sh--did she just catch a fly in her mouth? That wasn't going to be pretty later on.

Fluttershy blinks a few times and looks around in confusion. "I.. I did? I remember walking out onto the stage and then.. just waking up. I hope that I didn't do anything too terribly bad out there."

Skyheart shakes his head. "You did fine."

Rarity nods her head to Cadence with a smile on her face, leaning in to give her a gentle hug for a moment. "Oh darling, thank you so much. I am terribly jealous of you and I plan on running ten miles tomorrow. You are -so- beautiful." Blinking tears out of her eyes, she lifts a hoof up to wipe at her face before clearing her throat. Turning back to the microphone, she calls out to the audience. "Once more, thank you very much for coming to my show! I hope that you enjoyed and remember to pick up a catalogue on the way out! Good night every pony!" With that, a young red unicorn steps out from behind the curtain and points his horn upwards, letting his magic glow brightly for a moment before the sky is soon filled with fireworks, exploding in a brilliant array of colors. Pop! Pop! Pop! Boom!