Rainbow Dash - Blast in the Past (Part 5)

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Derringer heads out, glancing around. His eyes are only slightly narrowed, and he moves quite cautiously. "Come on." he says, waving Rainbow out with him. "Just act like your the biggest baddest thing around. Don't talk though. I don't think you can imitate the voice."

"Fine," Dash Moustache says deeply, aiming for gruff and gravely and hitting closer to sultry. (S)he extrapolates from 'most awesomest' to 'biggest baddest' in body language. It's not that much different, though she attempts to get her rump under control and project a little 'crush you like a bug beneath my hooves' attitude as she stomps along.

Featherweight winces at the sound. "Thine voice be flirty, promising bedchamber pleasures." She holds out a bottle of clear booze that Hard Cider gave her. "Rainbow Dash, swig of ye drink and if thou be not a practiced drunkard, thine voice be truly rough and hoarse then."

"I am not sleeping with either of you, no matter how drunk you get me, just so we're clear." Dash takes the bottle in hoof, and a swig of it. She coughs, gasps, growls, then eats some dirt. "Doan like it." She sounds rough and hoarse now.

Derringer rolls his eyes. "P'raps not M'lady. It was not my... intent to force you." he says. "Mine contact should be here any moment now. Be cautious. Be careful. He is... not quite right in the head after the war."

Moustache Dash nods, coughs, spits, stomps his(her) hoof. Coughs again, snorts. Sweet Celestia that throat burning never stops. (S)he coughs hard again, trying to gurgle out some phelgm. Also, (s)he waits.

Clover hangs some distance back, trying to look as dispassionate and important as Master Starswirl does at formal occasions. She manages a solid 'stoic egghead' look.

Derringer smiles as a large, if lanky, pegasus come soaring in. Sans any uniform of course. "Derringer, my good friend! Our... 'package' will be leaving Pegasopolis within the week to 'recover' from a particularly upsetting meal." he says, grinning. "You have my payment?"

"Yes of course. One dozen oranges, first of the harvest from another good friend." Derringer replies. Then he turns to his companions. "Miss Clover, dost thine master wish thine precense here or with us?"

Clover puffs out her chest. Look important! Look imposing! Just like she was taught to do with stuffy nobles. "Master Starswirl", she tells Derringer, "Hath most important arcane duties. It is Master's will that I liaise with thee."

Mustache Dash snorts again and examines the lanky pegasus with a critical stare, one used to evaluating race-rivals. It's penetrating, cruel, and perhaps doesn't look too much different from a warrior sizing up another.

Derringer smiles. "Lovely as thou art, Miss Clover, thine master would surely run me through. Perhaps a cloud-walking spell now?" he asks as his 'contact' flies off, nose in the bag of oranges.

Clover loses some of her composure at the mention of that. "Cloud-walking?", she hisses quietly. "How dost thee know of cloud-walking enchantment? It be a secret, one pegasi would gladly take from unicorns, for they fancy themselves the only masters of the skies."

Derringer lowers his gaze. "Never underestimate the power of desperation... Or a timely bribe. I dost make it my BUSINESS to know all of what goes on around me."

"It is a little annoying," Mustache Dash admits. (S)he tries spitting again, really getting into this 'colt' thing.

Clover lets out a long sigh. "Starswirl shall hear of thine knowledge and roguish habits, Derringer. But I shall aid thee, for I can cast yon spell." She looks between Rainbow Dash and the other unicorn. "Pegasi think ill of wingless ponies in the air and would attack readily. What be thine plan?"

Derringer nods and chuckles. "While my brain might not be as bright as thine, I suppose some false wings mighst be the way to go? A disguise."

"Cloud walking doesn't mean flying, you still have to have a cloud to walk on." Mustache Dash coughs, and makes another horking noise in his(her) throat. "Sounds like we have a few days to get it while the carrier is sick."

Clover looks dubious. "I may beseech Master Starswirl for quills and buy enough wire and chickens to devise wings for a disguise. Yet thine plan doth not tell how we go from ground to the clouds, Derringer. Doth thee expect Rainbow Dash carrying us, like baskets at the town market?"

"I could carry both of you like sacks of flour but I don't want to have to." Mustache Dash frowns, sounding a little too filly-y. "Are you sure it shouldn't be something simple, like draw me a map and I sneak in and dash out?"

Derringer chuckles. "Well, thou COULD carry us. Or there might be a convenient path to pegasopolis just waiting for us." he chuckles.

Clover looks even more dubious at that. "Thou art strong enough to carry us, apart or together. I fear thy explanations more, should other pegasi see us. Mayhaps thou couldst tell we be thine prisoners or traitors, knowing yon long-coveted spell."

"Well, I bet it's believable Mister Moustache could catch both of you," says the great and powerful mustache that drags and cyan and ink pegasus pony along behind it. "And that's a good reason to. What's this about a path, Derringer?"

Three ponies are on the road. One looks like a unicorn mage, cowled in studious robes, the second looks a more rogueish sort, and the third is a tank in chainmail, with a mustache almost as wide as his wings. Something wrong with that last one though, he moves like mare.

"Derringer," cough, hork, spit. Note to self, work on order. Mustache Dash looks at him, "what's the way in and out?"

Derringer gestures. "A bushell of days travel that way." he says. "I suggest that we move quickly. Mine plans have a way of developing... Kinks." he says. "Thine flanks are still moving like a mare's." he says.

Dash groans again, "You and your kinky plans. Is this better?"

Several hours later into that several days of travel, and things have not changed much. Derringer's plans haven't become much clearer, Clover's suggestions are good but have nothing to be pinned on, and Dash's crossdressing abilities and walk haven't gotten any better. There hasn't been anypony on the road, which is good, there's less to explain, and the silence is intermittent because it makes travel easier, but also duller.

A hole suddenly appears in a cloud passing above the road, out of which emerges a fast-flying female gryphon who resembles the future Gilda. When she spots the ponies below her, she makes a beeline towards them and alights on the road near the three travelers. Panting, she turns to the one clad in chainmail and states, "Hail, ye Large Mustache." Griselda has no idea what the pony's real name is, but it was a fair guess. "Hast thou seen a large pegasus around? I believe he may attempt to capture me."

"No," cough, cough. Dash tries to clog her throat for a deeper voice, and the appearance of the griffon gives her quite a shock, "Prithe yon griffon I escort mine prisoners and haveethath no truck or trout with stalwart pegasusses... about."

Derringer face-hoofs. 'And there goeth mine initial plan of having the beauty not speak'. he thinks to himself.

Clover's horn lights up with a flickering, flame-y glow as she levels it at the intruder. "Hark, griffon, thou art watched most vigilantly! Thine villainy shalt be met with flames most dire. Speak thy part, what crimes doth yon pegasus seek thee for?"

Griselda stares at the unicorn with a mixture of anger and fear. "I hast no qualm with thee, unicorn." Her eyes are now focused on the glowing horn. "I knowst not why I be pursued and hast no idea what crimes thou talkest of." Maybe if she played it off, it'd work.

Moustache Dash looks at Derringer, frowning and confused. She tells the griffon, "then iffest thouest innocentest you shouldest fliest awayeth beforest thy pursuether catcheth thou." Inwardly, Dash groans. Daring Do would kill her, but it all seemed much simpler and natural when read in the books. She's confusing herself by overthinking the rules.

A pegasus lands. Chamoghelontas Imera is a tall black pegasus with bubblegum pink mane and tail, which are quite long for a stallion. He has on an imposing set of white platemail and looks to be some kind of guard or bounty hunter or something.

Clover explains to Rainbow Dash quietly and hastily, "Griffins be a savage and bloody race, seldom found in lands of unicorns, pegasi or earth ponies with benign intent. If pegasus be chasing yon griffin, mayhaps she ought be chased and imprisoned for crimes yet untold." She keeps her horn lit and pointed at Griselda.

Suddenly, following the streak that was brought down by Griselda the Griffon, there was a blur of white, black and pink as a hurtling Pegasus landed behind the group of ponies on the other side of them. Landing gracefully though with a skid, Imera turned and looked at the group, speaking in Fleek(OOC:Greek pony variant), "Echei kapojos apo esas dei poni - aha! Griselda, erchontaj eirinika prin eimaj apajtountaj ghia ti chresi vias! Den thelo na apenerghopojesete mia forada, alla an den echo alli epiloghe, tha to kano!"

Mid-scentence, the Pegasus stallion spotted Griselda and jumped into the air, wings spread and seemingly ready to strike at her. Suffice it to say? He was armed and looked the part of 'Dangerous'.

For her part, Griselda seems to be in a bit of a predicament. She could try to fly away, but with Imera /this/ close, she doubted she could escape. And then there was the horn attached to the pony. "Hark, Large Mustache and Glowy Horn. I knowst not what he spake nor who he be. He ist not of sound mind, can't thou tell? I am but a harmless pilgrim traveling in thine lands - have thee no sympathy?" Yep, the gryphon was trying to play the pathetic card and not much of it was true.

"Ah... well I know she's lying and he said he'd shoot her because she's a pain." Mustache Dash says. That griffon looks too much like Gilda, way too much. She coughs again, deepens her voice, "We've already captured her! See?" She points at Clover holding her at horn-point, it probably qualifies.

Clover keeps her glowing horn leveled on the gryphon, though now seems wavering between her and the pursuing pegasus. She clears her throat and calls out in halting Flock tongue, /We do not want trouble from either of you. Take your victim and go, bounty hunter./

Imera stares a moment as the moustached one speaks in the local language that he only half knows and then the other, the Unicorn, speaks his own mostly correct. "Alithos. Chari se esas einaj."

(Verily, thanks be to you.)

That said, Happy lands and looks towards the disguised Dash as if appraising them, then to the Unicorn and others present before walking towards Griselda. "Ypovole, Griselda."

"Submit, Griselda." As he speaks, Imera hoofs underneath his wing and pulls out some type of clips that one can assume are meant to keep flying ponies and griffons and other such from being able to get away, given their shape and size.

Griselda looks from Imera to Mustache Dash. "He didst not speak those words! He didst not!" The gryphon ruffles her feathers in anxiety; she had no idea what he /had/ said. She turns her head to angrily demand to know what Clover had spoken, but upon seeing the clips is rightfully distracted. "Thou cannot let him bind mine wings up! I be not a criminal!" Then, she tries pleading with Imera. "They didst not capture me! I arrived here on my own accord." Perhaps his sense of bounty hunter honor or something would be triggered.

"What did you say? He's going to clip her wings! C'mon, she'd be useful... somehow." Moustache Dash hisses quietly to Clover, the much louder and gruffer, "/Amount The Griselda?/"

Featherweight replies to Rainbow Dash, "Fine! Thou still be a mad mare, but thou knoweth fliers' might. Should we save her, Griselda had better help us. Her treachery be on thine head." She then points her horn at the bounty hunter instead. /We are keeping that griffon./


The Pegasus stallion stared down the group of mares and Moustache and said nothing for a moment. Were they seriously going to do this? While he was sure he could handle them separately, not all together. Maybe not all together. And that Gryphon had her tricks. "An kratesei to ghrupas, pouu tha prepei na einaj demenoj se mena."

If you keep the Griffin, she shall be tethered to me."

It would seem he won't let the Griffin go. "Enai panorgos . An den boro? na ertho mazi sou , tha xefygoun apo afti kai pali."

"She is wily. If I go not with you, escape again will she."

"Great!" Moustache Dash gets the gist of it. She leans in close to Clover, "They can fly you guys up, and be a distraction too. Tell them, him, that's good, and we will travel together, and I'm not going to talk much." That seems like it will settle everything.