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Pegasus tribe banner, from Hearth's Warming Eve.








Pegasus, Magical Equine, Winged Horse

Identifying Features




Pegasi are one of the four tribes of pony. They are set apart from unicorns and earth ponies by their wings and their ability to control the weather.


Pegasi have been a dominant tribe in Equestria since the First Age. Their tribe has a strong culture, which has been expanded and built upon the over the ages. It wasn't until the end of the Third Age that pegasi began to join with the other remaining pony tribes, bringing in a new age of discovery, the Age of Equestria.


In the beginning of the Ages, pegasi were a tribe of hunter-gatherers who subsisted on natural groves on mountain tops. Pegasi artworks were created primarily from the clouds, which pegasi would maintain. However, after the First Age, or the Paleopony Period, they no longer exist due to lack of maintenance and lost knowledge.

Not much is known of the the Second Age, as during this time most of the records were destroyed. It has been assumed that, with the entire world in chaos, many aspects of pegasi culture were lost during this time. It wasn't until the defeat of Discord and the beginning of the the Age of Wandering did writings from the pegasi tribes final emerge.

It was during this age that history shows pegasi were no-longer a primarily a tribe of hunter-gatherers, and had begun forming settlements over Equestria. They created a stratocracy, ruled over by a Commander, with a more militaristic society. It was also during this time that pegasi learned an early and rudimentary form of weather control. As the story of Hearth's Warming Eve states, the three tribes would later come together to create a tentative agreement during this time.

Toward the end of the Third Age, dissension grew between the three remaining tribes, which brought about Windigoes, winter spirits that feed off fighting and hatred. With them would come never-ending blizzard, so long as the turmoil between the tribes continued. Sometime during this time, representatives from the three tribes would meet and would eventually join together to establish Equestria. It should be noted that not all pony tribes joined under the banner of Equestria, due to disagreement or due to never being reunited after the fall of Discord. Other lands would be created by these pony tribes. It is no longer clear what tribes the founded of Equestria originally came from.

With the crisis of the Fimbulwinter of Hate averted and the founding of Equestria begun, the Fourth Age would begin. This age is known as the Classical Period, or the Age of Equestria. It was during this time that the pegasi would establish their capital of Cloudsdale through migration of their cloud cities into one grand city from which to rule. Also during this age, Withersford was founded as the center-point for the nation, and was still among the few settlements of the age to see all of the tribes living together.

After the corruption of the original founding place of Equestria, and the creation of the Everfree Forest, Canterlot was renamed the capital of Equestria and Princess Celestia took up the unicorn title of Princess. With this, the military society of the pegasi was dissolved to make way for a united central authority for all ponies to live in harmony.


No artwork prior to the Third Age seems to exist for pegasi, having been lost with the rein of Discord. It should be noted that some relics have survived from as far back as the Paleopony Period, though their works and stories had been past down prior to the Third Age before being written down. Many records of legendary and famous ponies still remain from previous generations, including such pegasus ponies like Commander Hurricane and Private Pansy.


The information in this section is more the technical knowledge behind the race. This information is not necessarily things that would be known without proper research. Like all races and species of Equestria, this knowledge is known to vary between its members.


Pegasi share many, if not most of the same traits that both earth pony and unicorns possess. The most prominent difference of a pegasus between the others is a pair of feathered wings they possess.

Lifespan and Birth

The lifespan of a pegasus is no longer than any other pony, though there have been cases of a pegasus living well over a century.

Pegasus can come about from any parentage or lineage, as long as a pegasus ancestor lies somewhere in either side of the family. This has been evidenced by Mr. and Mrs. Cake, two earth ponies who had Pound Cake, a pegasus, and Pumpkin Cake, a unicorn.


The diet of a pegasus is an herbivorous one, consisting primarily of different vegetable and fruit matter. It is not uncommon for ponies to consume baked goods and mixed drinks, such as juices and teas.


The wings of a pegasus are quite extraordinary in some of the things they can do. They are rather expressive and dextrous, capable of manipulation on par with the digits of a griffon .Their wings are extremely strong, enough to lift a 1,000 pound weights as seen during training. When working together, all pegasi are capable of generating a wind vortex by flying quickly in a circle, where a super vortex of 800 wing power is needed to lift water. The wings of a pegasus also offers many an advantage to speed while in the air, though they are not generally as quick as an earth pony when on foot.

Pegasus Magic

Like unicorns, pegasus ponies have a type of their own magic that is much more subtle. They have a strong talent for the manipulation of weather, moving clouds to either cause storms or clearing the skies. The also have special talents for create snowflakes and rainbows in special factories found in places such as Cloudsdale.

Some pegasus ponies have the ability to create weather-related wakes when they perform aerial acrobatics. Many different effects of this can be demonstrated, from leaving clouds or smoke in their wake, or Rainbow Dash's more unique ability of leaving a trail of rainbow behind her, as well as her Sonic Rainboom.

Cloud Walking

Pegasus ponies have the ability to naturally walk on clouds. This ability is not inherent to only pegasi, and has been demonstrated by griffons, alicorns, and many different types of winged animals.

Foal Abilities

Though not quite as bizarre as the magical surges of a baby unicorn, some pegasus foal can display bizarre displays of their abilities. Such abilities include walking up walls and upon ceilings, as well as incredible bursts of speed in the air.

MUSH Information

As stated in the Terms of Use, pegasi are open for application and do not generally require special considerations.