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Welcome to the Equestrian Dawn official Wiki! We aim to be the number one resource for all your pony-playing plot-planning page-posting paraphernalia! Now, we have a few Rules to help keep things right about where they should be, so unless you're planning just to have a look around, you may want to read those.

To get started, plug a page into the search box 'n go, or check below for a hoof-full of helpful and (hopefully) hilarious hyperlinks around the Wiki. If you want to contribute, be it to plots or to the world and continuity or what have you, you'll need to politely poke one of the staff that runs the wiki, in-MUSH.

To join us in-world, simply open up your favorite MUSH client and point it to, port 8789 (SSL on 8790).

UPDATE: The MUSH now has a more-defined Terms of Use. They are the general guidelines and rules for connecting to and playing upon the MUSH. Please review them. If you have any questions, please speak with someone on staff in-MUSH. If you're interested in advertising on Equestrian Dawn, please review our Policy first.

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