Lutian Changeling

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Though Changeling are considered Fae ponies, for purposes of the MUSH, they are considered a separate race.
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During the War of Discord and withdrawal of the Fae from Equestria, many changelings, such as refugees, deserters, or simply those that chose not to follow Queen Chrysalis hid with the other Fae in their demesnes. Because Lutian changelings did not face the threat of starvation and the selective breeding, they are visibly and socially closer to the original form, and their relatives the Flutter Ponies. Since the return of the Fae, Lutian changelings are becoming more common in Equestria.

Lutian Changelings, like all other Lutian Fae Ponies, accepted the terms of The Veil: The ability to maintain the lie that they were normal ponies and hide their true forms from the eyes of the non-Fae races, in return for giving up the ability to speak untruth, or other such restrictions on their powers. For most Lutian Families, the Veil's gift came in the form of The Seeming. For the Changelings, it came in the form of further increased skill in shape-shifting that allowed them to eliminate many of the old weaknesses their powers had. The only one that reliably remains is the inability to perfectly duplicate somepony's cutie mark.

While black and dark grey body colors are still common, dark shades of other colors are also frequent. Their eyes all feature diamond-shaped pupils, and tend towards shades of green and gold, even in the 'whites' portion.

They are less insect-like than Discordian changelings, their chitin is softer, and their shape favors smooth curves similar to normal ponies. Their horns, though straight, are smooth as well, and their wings are insect-like and come in a variety of cool colors.

Finally, these changelings have cutie marks, though they are very rarely colorful, and tend to be stylized pictographs consisting of a single color. These changelings are both capable and experienced in using their shapeshifting to fit in and feed, but because they have developed in an environemnt in which love is a far less finite resource, they are both less efficient in their feeding than the Discordian changelings, and tend to have a somewhat wider array of magic and talent they have access to.The psyche and personality of Lutian changelings depends largely upon what fae family they hid with, and their upbringing. They are as varied as other fae, and in some cases, ponies. Therefore, there is no set 'archetype' for this kind of changeling, however because of their need to feed on love, they tend to be somewhat egocentric but not necessarily selfish.
Some may be ashamed of their needs, but their dietary requirements are still a large factor in relationships outside of other changelings.