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This page is currently unfinished, and is missing important information.

Ahem. Gilda reporting. This page is in the works. As you can see below, not much progress has been made of yet. Representatives from the Griffon Kingdom are planning to meet sometime in the future to discuss this. If you would like to be part of this discussion, whether or not you play a griffon, please send a @mail to Gilda in-game expressing your interest and possible times of availability. If the meeting has already been held or it turns out that a scheduling a meeting will be too difficult, please feel free to talk to me in-game! I am very interested in hearing what people have to offer in terms of a Griffon lore and race page! ~Gilda


Physical Appearance

Griffon Expressions. (Link:

Griffons, as seen on the show, have the head and torso of an eagle, and the back and hindquarters of a lion. Feathers cover their fronts and can be tinted with various colors in accordance with the myriad of hues belonging to all birds.

A griffon's mood is expressed by body language and the area around the eyes. While the beak is flexible and allows for smiling or frowning, it does not play as integral a part in determining the mood of a particular griffon. Instead, the crest and eyes are the major determining factors of a griffon's mood.


Being half-bird and half-lion, griffons of course eat meet. However, everyone knows that a healthy diet consists of other foods as well. The diet of a griffon should be a variety of non-sentient animal life, fruits, and vegetables. Many griffon prefer fish to other meats - it is much easier to scale a fish with your talons than skin or pluck other creatures.


Way Long Time Ago

Apparently there are rumors that griffons used to eat ponies. Ugh, really? Who would want to eat something as lame as that? Must have tasted horrible.

Historical Figures

Gilda is awesome.

The Griffon Kingdom


Due to its important roles in the kingdom's history and its feats in modern times, the Griffon Military continues to exist as a strong body with substantial political clout. Even at a young age all griffon are encouraged to take a year of training under the guidance of the military.




This space unintentionally left blank.

We can cook!

Weather Manipulation

Like pegasi, griffons are able to walk on, manipulate, and even create clouds. While they share many of the abilities with the pegasi, the griffons employ different techniques and are often not as competent in weather as compared to their pony counterparts. That is, it takes more griffons to perform the same tasks as fewer pegasi.