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Twilight Sparkle bursts in the door, mane frazzled and eyes wide. No knock. No how-do-you-do. No formalities whatsoever. The alicorn slams it shut behind her, "Rarity! Shutter the windows!" she pants, back and forehooves pressed to the door to brace it. She leans to look out the window and there's a deep rumbling. It's intermittent. But steady. And getting stronger. Footsteps. ooc short and sweet

Humming to herself, Rarity is just about to put the final touches on this gorgeous dress, then suddenly Twilight Sparkle barrels through it. With a loud shriek, she drops the flower that was meant for a corsage to the ground, whirling around to see her friend. "Wh.. what is going on darling?" She calls out as her magic flares to life, shuttering the windows all at once with a clatter, showing off how precise her magic can be.

"Shhhhh!" the Princess all but hisses. She speaks in a hushed tone as she peeks out the window just before it promptly shutters at Rarity's behest, "There's a Gemeral on the loose!" The purple mare says it as if she expects anypony to know what she's talking about, as though it's not arcane, esoteric information. Then again, this is Rarity, a pony with a special knack for seeking out gems. She might know that some rare deposits are home to creatures of living rock and gemstone, creatures that don't like it when you tap into their precious vein. "I was searching for rare materials that I need for a magic experiment and I woke it up!" She grabs Rarity, giving her a little shake, "You're good with gems! Can you make it go home?!" Twilight sneaks a glimpse out from the door's keyhole. The rumbling stops. Sparkle takes a shallow breath, "Maybe it doesn't know where we are..." The creature stops in front of the boutique. It's a massive, glittering golem made of minerals and rare metals. It crouches and looks back through the keyhole with one ruby eye. The alicorn backs away from the door with a little 'eep!' and turns to Rarity, "If we could just make it to the library..." then back to the door, "But while I'm searching through books, it could be destroying all of Ponyville!" Rarity isn't the only one with a flare for the dramatic, and it seems Twilight is in a bit of a panic.

"..." Rarity aggles as she is shaken, then quiets quickly as she hears the rumbling outside. Ears flattening to her skull, she gives her best friend an incredulous look. ".. Twilight Sparkle, some days I wonder how it is that you have even made it this far in life without being stepped on or devoured." She musses her mane back into place, then trots to the front door without a care in the world, floating after her a bright gold box that is encrusted with several sparkling gems. As she opens the door, she stares at the Gemeral face to face, then clears her throat. "Ahem, good afternoon my sweet, if you may, please take a step back." She says with a wave of her well manicured hoof, floating the box over in front of his eyes. "I have a gift for you."

Twilight hesitantly follows, wings half-lifted in apprehension. She was right. Rarity was the pony to go see. "Is that what it wants? An offering? You HAVE encountered these before, haven't you?" Mentally, she's kicking herself for not being prepared for this. Sparkle has been so focused on all the ponies she's supposed to help that she didn't do her research, a grave and unusual lapse for the violet mare. She comes to stand beside Rarity, her horn glowing with wavering, magenta light, ready for a fight even if that's not what she wants at all, "I tried apologizing," she whispers.

"You cannot simply apologize to a Gemeral with words my dear. You must bestow his majesty with a gift. One that is deserving of his royalty." Rarity says, batting long lashes upwards to the creature with a smile on her face. Cracking the box open, inside sits a beautiful, thick sapphire of a perfect cut. Possibly a gift from an admiring stallion at some point. She has a dozen of these. Floating it up to him, she gives a proper bow forward. "My handsome gentleman. Please take this gift as an apology for my good friend's mistake in rousing your anger. I assure you darling, she meant nothing by it. She is just ... ah ... eager to learn new things and sometimes forgets what personal space is. If you find my offering satisfactory, I would be more than happy to help lead you out of town so that you may go back to your slumber."

Twilight_Sparkle rolls 1 20-sided die and gets 7

The Gemeral grunts, its breath blowing bits of rock directly into Rarity's face. The fact that she has a dozen of these gems surely means the monster has a thousand. With a large gravely hand heavy with veins of silver and gold, he smacks the box and gem away. The Gemeral leans in closer to Rarity and lets out a roar of anger. He raises a fist to the Boutique but stops short of smashing in a wall. It's a threat.

Twilight's ears flatten, "If you don't want that, then what do you want?" her horn's glow intensifies. If it can be reasoned with, it won't come to that.

The golem-like creature lets out a gravely laugh and points to Rarity. Twilight's jaw drops, "My friend?! You want my friend?" She lowers her head and paws at the ground with one hoof, "No." Her eyes narrow to tiny slits. The golem's fist lashes out at the boutique and Twilight's magic encapsulates it. She strains, sparks coming off her horn, "Nnnf! It's so strong!" She looks to Rarity, "I can't hold it forever! Any other ideas?"

Flattening her ears backwards at his anger, Rarity's own eyes narrow as he looks to threaten to smash her beautiful boutique. "Are you kidding me?!" She roars back at him, stomping her hoof on the ground. "I treat you with respect and offer you a kind gift and this is how you treat me in return? You /threaten/ to harm /my/ boutique?" Her words are short and clipped, the pitch of her voice rising upwards. "If you so much as /touch/ my boutique, I will DESTROY you!" With a loud snort, her own magic flares up and she whacks the creature across the side of the head with her jewelry box. "Now, you will take my gift. You will leave graciously, or I will dismantle you, and you use you for my new line of beautifying stones for the fall. Do you understand me?" She whacks him again.

Twilight_Sparkle rolls 1 20-sided die and gets 16

The gemeral is utterly taken aback! A pony, a mere little pony, standing up to him! To HIM! In all his thousands of years on this rock, such a thing has never happened. He stumbles backwards and lifts an arm to shield himself from the unicorn's rage. The creature lets out a whimper that sounds like blowing sand. It grunts repeatedly and holds its hands before it in surrender.

The Princess of Friendship stands back and watches her friend beat the holy snot out of the beast. "Wow... look at her go," Twilight says to no one in particular. The gemeral takes the box and gift with a bow, then keeps bowing as it steps back and finally retreats. Twilight smiles and tilts her head, "Rarity! I'm impressed! How did you know to do that? I've read so many books about the rare monsters of Equestria and even I didn't know what to do." She puts a hoof on her friend's shoulder, "You're going to teach me everything you know about gems," the alicorn grins.

Watching him go with a glower on her face, Rarity lets out a 'hmf' under her breath, jerking her nose upwards. "How rude." Then, back to Twilight, she gives her a wry grin. "Everything I know about gems? I don't know .. that would be like me asking you to teach me everything about magic. It will take .. a very long time. What is it that you were trying to do again?" She asks as she trots back into her home, picking up the flower from the ground and attaching it to the dress.

Twilight Sparkle follows after Rarity, "I'm trying to help two ponies who are having trouble with magic. One is a unicorn with a crooked horn, and the other is a pegasus who can't fly or use weather magic." She sits down beside the unicorn and runs both her hooves forward over her bangs a few times to straighten them out again, "A simple spell won't do. We need something like the Alicorn Amulet but, you know, not all..." she twirls a hoof in the air, "evil?" The Princess sighs, "I'm doing research and experiments with power-amplifying devices. To make them I need a lot of rare materials, things you can't just find in any mine, things from deep below." She rubs the back of her neck, chewing her lower lip, "I'm not even sure it will work. Right now all I have are theories. Then come the experiments. Then, if all goes well, I try to help Sploosh and ShadowedSong." A nervous laugh, "I may know a lot about magic, but I don't know everything about magic." She smiles tightly, "I guess you could say I have a lot to learn about practically everything. I thought being a princess would make me more of an expert, but it's only revealed how big the gaps in my knowledge really are." She stretches and refolds her wings, "So do you think you can help me with all of this minerology and metallergy stuff?"

"Of course I can darling. A diamond is not only a girl's best friend, but it is known for the most purest and strongest of stones. If you wish to amplify your magic, I would suggest one of those. The greater the clarity the better the experience. I know quite a few ponies in town who can help you with that. One of which is named Sterling Archer. He is a unicorn who is experienced in stone cutting. I get all of my gems resized through him. I would also go with copper if you are looking for a strong conduit." She hums to herself as she puts the last finishing touches on the dress in front of her.

Twilight Sparkle shakes her head, "Copper is an excellent electrical conduit, but for magic? Gold takes an enchantment better. And even it might not be strong enough. These things aren't just adornments, they have to be infused into the user somehow." She chews her lip again, "You can see why this is so hard. I've been studying the Alicorn Amulent and the Eye of Luna to get an idea of how to go about this." The alicorn looks around Rarity's shop, hoping for a book, but then why would Rarity have a book she doesn't? Her ears perk and her eyes brighten, "Maybe you could help me. I mean, if you don't mind going into a mine." She takes a step forward, hoof raised, "There are other, rarer elements and minerals than gold and diamond, things we don't even have modern names for. If I could find a vein of something like that, I might actually have a chance of helping those ponies."

"G... go into a mine? Don't be silly, darling! I ... /you/ have Spike for that." Rarity says with a dismissive wave of her hoof, chuckling. "Copper is stronger than gold by the way and it has many of the same properties. But, if you are feeling a bit risque' so to speak, why do you not fuse the two elements together?" She hums playfully. "I am sure that the Princess of Friendship has a book of alchemy laying about her library that can help her combine two elements together to create a stronger one. It may be a challenge, but nothing defeats Twilight Sparkle." There is a coy grin upon the muzzle of the white unicorn. "But if I /must/ go into a mine with you, which will only give me flashbacks of being kidnapped by those unfashionably dreadful Diamond Dogs, I /suppose/ I can because you are a good friend."

That last part might be the only part Twilight actually heard. She squees and hugs Rarity, "Thankyousomuch! You ARE a good friend!" She rushes for the door and stops for just a moment, "I'll do more research and put together an expeditionary force!" the alicorn emphasizes the adventure by pounding one hoof into the palm of the other, "You'll be our minerology expert!" Her wings spread with excitement, "This is going to be so much fun!" By fun she means educational. They're the same thing to her. But Rarity probably knew that.

Slapping a hoof to her face, Rarity gives a dramatic sigh. ".. I suppose I now must find something to wear if we are to go spelunking together."