Everfree Forest

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Everfree Forest
Deep in the Everfree Forest during midday

Settlement Type







At the end of Fourth Age

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"...it ain't natural. Folks say it don't work the same as Equestria." - Applejack

The Everfree Forest is a region of land within Equestria located close to Ponyville. In a stark contrast to the rest of Equestria, the Everfree Forest is famed (and feared) for its "unnatural" ability to be sufficient without pony intervention. Ever since its formation the plants grow by themselves, animals are self-reliant, and the weather operates independently of outside forces. It is the place of residence for a few ponies and a plethora of monsters, although it has increased in activity considerably in modern times.


Before the end of the Fourth Age, the region that is now the Everfree Forest was chosen to be the location of Withersford, the ancient capitol city of Equestria where Princess Celestia and Princess Luna ruled together. Once Luna became corrupted by Nightmare Moon, however, a battle was fought between the two sisters and resulted in a corrupting effect for the entire region. As Withersford became unmanageable by the resident ponies, it was abandoned and was the forest when dubbed the Everfree Forest. While its corruption has been kept within its region, most ponies are afraid to go in for fear of what it has become over time.


Being a largely wild region of Equestria, the Everfree Forest has no true economy to speak of. The few that do live within its bounds are known to make themselves productive and trade with Ponyville on occasion: Zecora, for instance, is a brewer of several folk remedies to cure a variety of ailments. The nearby Withersford Ruins, although technically abandoned, have become a hotspot for archeological studies, including the extraction of artifacts and the such (entirely for academic purposes, however, and not for public or private sale).


The Everfree forest is known to be the home of Zecora and a small amount of other ponies, although more famously it is the dwelling place of many types of monsters including Ursas, Hydras, Dragons, Sea Serpants, Manticores, Cockatrices, Timberwolves, and so on. It is also known to house several kinds of fauna that are not found outside of its borders, the most famous example being the "Joke" family of plants.


See Residents of Everfree Forest.


                     ~ Working Map of the Everfree Forest ~
                              | Ursa Cave |   |   Froggy   |
                              |  Entrance |   | Bottom Bog |
                                    |        _/            \_
  | Dragon |                        |      _/                \_
  |  Cave  |                        |     /                    \              
           \                   |   Wild   |                    | To Ponyville |
           |    Dragon     |___| Everfree |                    |   Outskirts  |
           | Mountain Path |   |  Forest  |                           
                                    |               ___________| To Ponyville |
                               | Zecora's |        /           |   Outskirts  |
                               | Clearing |       /                   
                                    |            /                    
                                    |           /                        
                                    |          /  
                             | Poison Joke |__/   
                             |    Field    |      
              | Withersford |
              |    Ruins    |


Points of Interest

  • Castle Ruins - Withersford Ruins
  • Lunar Temple - Withersford Ruins
  • Solar Temple - Withersford Ruins