Dynamite Rave

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Dynamite Rave
Drawn by Ms. Red
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Eyes Green
Mane Solid Black
Coat Dark Red with Golden ankles
Cutie Mark Heart of Fire


Ponyville Era

Born to the famous DJ known as Jukebox Hero, Dynamite Rave was dropped off at the Ponyville orphanage shortly after birth with all documents regarding his birth parents sealed. He grew up a rebellious young colt who quickly exhibited abandonment issues and was found bullied often by the older boys. Once his magic matured and came to life in the form of an explosion that set a couple of rooms in the orphanage ablaze, he found himself in solitary while being passed up month after month by parents seeking adoption. With his free time, he listened to old electro albums from the Pony version of the 80's and found a love for music.

During one of his many attempts to 'escape', he was tracked down by no other than Captain Shining Armor who took the young budding teen under his hoof and brought into the junior guard under one condition: Don't screw up or you're going back.




As if bathed in fire itself, Dynamite Rave is a pony of bright reddish and gold coloring. The gold color wraps about his body and trails down to his forelegs where they are painted a bright red. His small hooves are a dark black. Dynamite's eyes are a bright green color that seems to hold an uber energetic light to them. His slender face is framed with a shaggy black mane that could use a good brushing, having instead decided on keeping it long. There are streaks of blue and red woven throughout it. Upon his rump is his cutie mark which is a heart of fire with two exploding fireworks on either side of it, representing the fire that he had to find within himself to become a hero.


Dynamite Rave is known for his explosive emotions by now. He is streetwise and proudly displays a brazen attitude at times. One can even say that he shows moments of manic depression as he sweeps from boasting and self confident to morose and apathetic. He still has a chip on his shoulder and deeply reflects abandonment issues. Despite his faults, he has the heart of a hero buried within him it reflects most when he is training with his fellow guards and ROTC in SARDIV.


Dynamite Rave is a pyromancer that excels in creating, manipulating, and controlling fire. This particular magic takes a number of shapes along with his own natural unicorn magic. When in use, his horn glows a dark red.



*Defensive shields

*Fire Sculpting

*Fireworks (For entertainment. He's a blast at parties)

Additional Skills

Music: Dynamite Rave is a talented amateur DJ that specializes in a mix of what I'd consider dubstep and Linkin Park's first two albums.

Combat: Through Captain Zephyr's rigorous training, Dynamite is an exceptional hoof to hoof fighter and has a great understanding of jousting and crossbows. Dynamite also utilizes his magic through combat both offensively and defensively.

Street Smarts: Born and raised in the orphanage surrounded by tougher, older boys, Dynamite Rave has a solid foundation of street smarts. He's good at picking out deception, knows how to be persuasive and schmooze, and knows how to pick locks with and without his magic.

Character Relationships


Dynamite's teammate in the Guard. The two have become best of friends and rumors are swirling about that the two may be closer than most think. The two train every morning before guard duties.

Shining Armor

Shining Armor is Dynamite's hero and he idolizes the Captain. He is as close to a father figure that he has ever had in his life.

Solar Eclipse

Eclipse is Dynamite's room mate and best friend. You can't get anymore opposite than these two but they seem to work out as if they were friends for life.