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Dazzler - Normal Appearance
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Eyes Fushia
Mane Rose-Mauve
Coat Black
Cutie Mark Crackling electrical sphere on copper shield
Occupation Private Second-Class, Canterlot Royal Guard


Dazzler is the only pony born to War Dance, second lieutenant of the Canterlot Royal Guard, and Rose Rhapsody, a botany professor at the Canterlot College and singer on the side. Her father, born of a native Appleloosan and a Canterlot unicorn, was a strong and devoted soldier who regaled his daughter with stories of far away places and grand adventures. Her mother, a well-to-do Canterlotian, tolerated the ruffian lifestyle of her mate but had little desire to see her daughter so enamored with the dangerous life and tried to see her brought up as a proper lady with etiquette, classical art and writing, and music. Dazzler had zero interest in her mother's wishes and their conflict came to a head the night the guardcaptain came to their door to say War Dance had been proclaimed missing in action. Dazzler soon declared she had every intent of enlisting as soon as she was able and, try as Rose Rhapsody could to dissuade her, Dazzler did just that - proclaiming her cutie mark that had appeared shortly after her father's loss served as all the proof of her path that she needed.

She dove into the life of a young guard with a fiery zealousness. She pushed harder when they tried to push her down, demanded harder trials when they threw their best at her, and still shouted a crisp 'Yes sir!' even when she was out of breath. Grudgingly impressed, they promoted Dazzler not long after she'd gotten out of her basics and she resides in the position currently. She makes it well clear she wouln't be content to stand watch on the ramparts or tending to visiting dignitaries baggage forever and is eager to swoop on every chance to challenge herself and earn her place among the guards, determined to one day exceed the rank of her father and prove she's worthy of his name.

Notable Events

Her strong devotion to duty appears to have garnered her notice. Dynamite Rave, a young guard in the Special Ops team, invited her to join the team and assist him with his mission - a role that was approved by Captain Sterling Charger.


Dazzler is a unicorn in early adulthood. Guard training and a busy life has lent her a strong and lean frame that's tall for a female and makes her appear a bit older than she really is. Her short coat is impeccably groomed and shines black as the night sky or a pot of ink. Her mid-short length and upright-spikey mane and tail are either left free or tightly bound back when duty calls, the color a rich rose mauve with paler highlights. Her eyes are a darker fuchsia. When she's not sporting the golden armor of a guard a cutie mark in the form of a crackling sphere of white electricity on a copper shield.


Dazzler comes off as very much a strong female, determined to go hoof-to-hoof with the male-dominated guard force and prove she can do the job as well as any stallion. She's not some butch mare, though, and is gleefully teases and harasses her counterparts in good measure when off duty. She's a true-hearted and honest pony with an indisputable respect for duty and a promise kept. Her job is her life, however, and as devoted to her place in the guard that she is it often comes at the cost of her personal life. She barely has any relation with her remaining family and doesn't reportedly have a lot of friends.


Dazzler specializes in spells involving electricity. She's able to summon light and foxfire-like spheres of electricity, create static discharges, form shields of energy, and control and summon lightning. She can also teleport and use telekinesis like many unicorns. She's actually a passable singer, too, though is more well-known for spouting random bits of poetry when she has a point to make.

Additional Skills/Flaws/Etc.

Dazzler isn't one to make lasting relationships. She's fine with casual flings and close acquaintances, but friends she seems to keep at length and has never indicated a penchant to form any deeper kinships. She's a soldier and friends are just ponies who might be put in danger because of that or suffer if you're lost. She has no desire to put anypony through what she felt. She also takes her job extraordinarily serious and is known to push herself to unhealthy limits at times though, thankfully, never at risk of herself or her squad. She also doesn't make much noise about it, but she's also a bit of a pony elitist - the one thing her mother seemed to have imparted beyond a bit of singing. Other sentient, talking creatures take second place in her eyes.

Character Relationships

  • War Dance: NPC - Missing In Action. Dazzler's beloved father. She was extremely close to the wise but laid back guardsstallion and was devastated when he didn't return from duty.
  • Rose Rhapsody: NPC - Adoptable. Since the disappearance of her father, Dazzler has grown distant from her mother who disapproved of her daughter in the guard. She writes her mother.. when she remembers. Face-to-face talks tend to end in fights. Rose Rhapsody remains a constant figure among the highest circles of Canterlot society. She is utterly devoted to the behavior of a proper lady and abhors that which she considers lesser, common behavior with a cold dismissal and ignorance.
  • Beau Cheval de Monde: NPC - Adoptable. Beau was one of the young colts Dazzler grew up alongside after his parents moved to Canterlot from Prance at a very young age. Like so many high society mothers, Beau's mother and Dazzler's were determined to see their high-born children someday wed and did all they could to meddle in all the right ways. When they came of age to discover colts and fillies could be more than playmates, Dazzler honestly gave her long-time associate and borderline friend an honest attempt at a relationship. However, the noblestallion was far more interested in a tame, demure trophy than a young mare seeking to 'sully' herself 'in the dirt' with so many 'uncouth' guards. Dazzler broke off their relationship, much to the ire and grief of the mothers. He is determined to make a proper mare of Dazzler, like her mother has long tried, and continues to court her hoping she'll come around.
  • Dynamite Rave: OC - Active. Her new teammate, Dazzler and Dynamite Rave seem the sort to either be downright unstoppable or they'll come to blows. So far, though, her more level head and strong sense of duty seems to balance his sometimes manic approach and their status as guards gives them common ground to stand on. However, she's as driven as he is to prove herself and the two tend to feed off one another's drive to succeed. Rumors abound the two are much 'closer' than just teammates.

Fun Facts

  • Dazzler and the names of her family are all the actual names of roses.
  • Dazzler has several inspirations. Among them roses, the Marvel character Dazzler, and Ashley Williams from the Mass Effect game series.


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