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Cloudsdale, City in the Sky

Settlement Type





Large (Up to 5000 ponies)


During the Fourth Age by pegasi.

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Cloudsdale is a city located in Equestria, formed mostly of pegasi and playing home to griffons as well. It is unique in that the city "architecture" is made entire of clouds from the ground to the roofs, leaving only things such as furniture or decorations as being hoof-made from more physical materials. In spite of being made of clouds, for those that fly, it is quite safe and comfortable, and full of all sorts of things to do and to look at!


Cloudsdale was founded by pegasi during the Fourth Age. Former cloud cities of the pegasus tribe were brought together into one grand capital in which pegasi would rule their own tribes from. Griffon would later come to join the inhabitants of the city, forming positive relationships with the pegasi and working together to slowly expand Cloudsdale into what it has become today. Though no longer the capital city of the Pegasus tribe, it still plays an important role in Equestrian policy, as well as providing its own services to help guide the weather of the land.


Cloudsdale has one major export: the weather! Cloudsdale is home to a weather factory that is second to none, providing a large number of clouds, rainbows, snowflakes, and the like necessary for a balance of the scheduled weather through-out Equestria. Because of this, Cloudsdale is an economic powerhouse to those cities that require its exports. Cloudsdale also imports reservoir water straight to its weather factories in order to produce the clouds that are needed.


Being made entirely of clouds, only pegasi and griffon can safely dwell here, although earth ponies and unicorns can also visit with the proper magic spells or enchanted charms. It was once home to Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, and assumed also a home to Gilda at one point.


See Residents of Cloudsdale.


                              ~ Map of Cloudsdale ~                             


Points of Interest

All places of business, shops, stores, and other points of interest, whether operated by canon characters or OCs, will be placed here. Player Housing is NOT to be included here. Format to be as follows:

  • Cloudsdale Arena - Town Square
  • Cloudsdale Inn - Town Square
  • Flight Academy - Town Square
  • Weather Factory - Town Square