Carrot Cake

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Mr. Carrot Cake
Mr. Cake call to action S1E22.png
Mr. Cake springing into action.
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male
Eyes Pistachio Green
Mane Orange
Coat Yellow
Cutie Mark A trio of carrot cake slices
Residency Ponyville
Age Adult
Occupation Baker and Pastry Chef


Carrot Cake is the owner, proprieter, manager, and chief baker for Sugarcube Corner alongside his wife and business partner Cup Cake. Together they run Ponyville's famous bakery and often take part in baking contests. He is the father of the twins Pumpkin and Pound Cake and rent an upstairs bedroom to their primary employee, Pinkie Pie.



Mr. Cake is tall and gangly with a very prominent underbite sporting a bright yellow coat and an equally bright orange mane and green eyes. He often wears a cream-white apron snuggly tied up over his chest and tied around his neck and his head is topped with a red and white hat in a cake pan shape. He tops this all off with a red and white striped bow tie.


Mr. Cake is very laid back and relaxed under normal circumstances when going through the day to day operations of the store. He's also proven to be a creative baker and decent businesspony, often managing the numbers half of the store. However, he's not one for high pressure situations. As evidenced with the many close-misses with the M

Skills and Abilities

Mr. Cake is a proficient baker and confectioner and has personally designed many special treats that make Sugarcube Corner unique among others. However, he's not known to do well under pressure and has been known to outright faint under heavy stress. How he manages to handle his twin children half the time is a mystery. However, he and Cup Cake have been known to be tactically ready to tackle ANYTHING as a team from dirty diapers to empty teacups during royal visits.

Character Relationships

The Cake family is on friendly terms with just about everypony in Ponyville. This is no small part to their role as the primary sweet provider of the city and the couple's happy, loving, and generous attitude toward their customers.


Cup Cake: Wife, best friend, business partner, mother of their two children: there's a lot Mrs. Cake is to Carrot, and very little she isn't. The two started the business together many years ago and have been loving it ever since.

Pumpkin and Pound Cake: Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake are the Cakes' infant twins. Pumpkin is a unicorn while Pound is a pegasus, explained by latent genes in the family tree. The two are often quite the handful, still going through stages of learning how to control their innate abilities. With Pumpkin's teething and Pound's, well, pounding, babysitting for the two is a chore.

Pinkie Pie: Pinkie Pie has worked at Sugarcube Corner for what feels like an eternity. Despite not being a blood relation, the Cakes love her as if she were their own daughter and display an incomparable patience for the hyperactive pony.


Sugar Rush: Sugar Rush supplies Sugarcube Corner with a steady supply of his family's special recipe "marshmellows" and serves as a part-time employee during big business days, often helping with special events or promotions.



  • Sugarcube Corner has many items they promote during monthly specials on-grid.