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Mountainside spires in Canterlot, from The Best Night Ever.

Settlement Type





Large (Up to 5000 ponies)


During the Fourth Age by unicorns, named the capital by Celestia in the Fifth Age

Grid Type

Main Grid


Show Canon

Canterlot is the modern capital of Equestria, home to the Royal Sisters of Equestria, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. It is also home to the Royal College, Royal Library and many of the highest-class establishments in all of Equestria.


During the Fourth Age, known as the Age of Equestria, Canterlot was home to the unicorn tribe who crafted from the side of a mountain. This was done to perpetuate their monarchy, though merely for their own tribe. It wasn't until the Fifth Age, the Age of Celestia, that Canterlot was chosen by Princess Celestia as the governmental seat of power for all of Equestria. During the current age, the Age of the Sisters United, both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna rule Equestria together as equals.


Canterlot is describes as a glamorous and sophisticated city that many dream of living within. As the capital of Equestria, it is the site of many social events and characters. Many high-society ponies hail from Canterlot, including Photo Finish, Hoity Toity, Sapphire Shores and Fancypants.

Canterlot features a variety of coffee shops, as well as attractions such as a racetrack, a theater, an art exhibit, and more than a few high-class restaurants. The city is also home to the prestigious academy known as Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns.

As a large hub of pony activity, Canterlot has been home to the Equestria Rodeo Competition and National Dessert Competition, as well as the annual Grand Galloping Gala. Canterlot also carries a train hub, and is but a short flying chariot ride from Ponyville.


Canterlot is home to both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Other notable residents are Princess Cadence, and her husband, Shining Armor.


See Residents of Canterlot.


                              ~ Map of Canterlot ~                              
                               | Canterlot |
                               |   Palace  |                           
                                     |                   |    Royal    |
                                     |                   | Observatory |
                                     |                   /
                                     |                  /             
                 | Canterlot |___|  Town  |___|  Royal  |___|  Royal  |
                 |   Market  |   | Square |   | College |   | Library |
                                 /   |    \
                                /    |     \
                               /     |      \             
                   | Canterlot |     |      | Residential |
                   |    Inn    |     |      |   Quarter   |
        | Canterlot |____________| Front |
        |  Highway  |            |  Gate |


Points of Interest

Canterlot is the crown beacon of Equestrian royal society, home to the seat of government and nobles. Canterlot is most well-known for its large palace grounds, and its exceptionally landscaped gardens.

  • Bubble Bath House - Market
  • Canterlot Inn - Town Square
  • Day and Buckster's - Market
  • Feather's Wings and Things - Market
  • Griffon Embassy - Residential Quarter
  • Little Luna's Pizzaria - Market
  • Memorial Gardens - Main Gate
  • Neighrobi Embassy - Residential Quarter
  • Race Track - Market
  • Royal Gardens - Canterlot Palace
  • Royal Library - Royal College
  • Royal Observatory - Royal College
  • Throne Room - Canterlot Palace
  • Training Grouds - Canterlot Palace
  • WHNY-FM Studio - Town Square