Babs Seed

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Babs Seed
Babs Seed-1.png
The Bad Seed of the Apple Family
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Eyes Green
Mane Pink, two tones
Coat Golden brown
Cutie Mark None
Residency Manehattan
Relationships Granny Smith (Grandmother)
Big Macintosh (Cousin)
Applejack (Cousin)
Apple Bloom (Cousin, CMC)
Scootaloo (CMC)
Sweetie Belle (CMC)
(Also, an unnamed big sister back in Manehattan)
Occupation Schoolfilly
Cutie Mark Crusader (leader, Manehattan branch)
"...I'm gonna tell yer mothers!"
- Babs Seed, to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon

Babs Seed is a cousin to the Ponyville Apple family, living in Manehattan. Like her cousin Apple Bloom and her fellow Cutie Mark Crusaders, she's a blank flank - but you better not tease or bully her over it.


Babs Seed grew up in a blue-collar part of Manehattan. Her folks are more like the Apples in temperament than the Oranges, so she doesn't have the high-strung rich attitude most ponies expect out of Apple relatives from the area. She's about the same age as Ponyville's Cutie Mark Crusaders and still doesn't have her cutie mark yet, which has led to merciless teasing by other foals her age back home.

During a visit to Ponyville, she visited her cousin Apple Bloom and her friends. While doing so, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon dropped by to tease and harass the Crusaders about a project of theirs. Desperate to belong and not be bullied herself again, she fell in with those two and started bullying them as well.

The Crusaders decided to strike back by recreating the first project Babs destroyed, then baited her into 'stealing' it. It was sabotaged, and had it succeeded, it would have sent Babs into the mud near Ponyville Lake. Applejack explained why Babs had come out to Ponyville in the first place, and the Crusaders saved her, careening into the mud in her place.

After nearly falling victim to the Crusaders trying to get back at her, Babs learned an important lesson about becoming a bully herself. She now uses her forceful attitude against bullies, intimidating them into backing off by threatening them with what they fear the most - usually meaning going to their parents. It's worked so far. She was inducted into the Cutie Mark Crusaders and went back home to start a Manehattan branch of the club, using her skills to help other ponies like herself.


Babs in her CMC cape.
Babs in her Crusader cape


Babs is an older earth pony filly, not quite adolescent. She has a golden brown coat and a two-tone pink mane and tail, both worn short. Despite the shortness of her mane, she is often blowing part of it out of her green eyes. Below those eyes are a few white freckles on each side of her face. Assuming she's not shielding her flank from your eyes with her tail, you can see that it is in fact blank.

Her overall color scheme resembles a rotten apple.


At first glance, Babs appears quiet and a little shy, somewhat typical for a bullied foal. Once she gets to know you, though, her true personality shines through. She is spunky and high-spirited with lots of attitude, but a kind heart. Towards bullies, she will act intimidating and forceful, and she doesn't make threats - she makes promises.


  • It Gets Better - Babs has a knack for being able to say the right things to ponies who have had to withstand taunting, teasing or bullying similar to what she has endured. She won't instantly lift their spirits, but she can usually make them feel better enough to get out of their despair.
  • Attitude - Babs can exhibit a very bad attitude, but she can point it in the right direction and make it a constructive force. When times get tough, she acts tougher. She can usually use her forceful, intimidating attitude to put an end to confrontations before they start.
  • Earth Pony Racial Skills - Being a member of the Apple Family, Babs is a remarkable specimen for an earth pony, even at her age. She can handle a decent bit of manual labor without tiring out quickly and has a little bit of a way with farming - however, her special talent doesn't appear to lie in this area. She is also very strong and durable for a pony her age.


  • Pushing Buttons - Due to being bullied herself for so long, Babs knows how to say just the right thing to hurt a pony. This is sometimes done accidentally whenever a situation gets heated.
  • Insecurity - Babs can be self-conscious and insecure about some things, such as her lack of a cutie mark. Being bullied may have contributed to this.
  • Shrinking Violet - Until Babs trusts a pony enough to open up, she can be very shy.



Granny Smith - grandmother
Big Macintosh - cousin
Applejack - cousin
Apple Bloom - cousin, Cutie Mark Crusader
Braeburn - uncle


Scootaloo - Cutie Mark Crusader
Sweetie Belle - Cutie Mark Crusader
Aetheria - friends in Manehattan when Aetheria was still known as Sparkler
Airheart - friends in Manehattan


Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon - nemeses in Ponyville