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Presently only Canterlot






Winged Unicorn, Horned Pegasus, Pegasus Unicorn, Other

Identifying Features

Shares traits of earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi: a pony with pegasus wings and unicorn horn.



The race of alicorn may be considered the fourth tribe of pony, though they are generally far fewer in number. The most well-known of the alicorn are Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, who both rule over Canterlot and Equestria together. This section is still in development, so may be missing some details. For those interested in playing an alicorn, please refer to their rules and the Character clause in the Terms of Use.


Not much is known of the history of alicorns, and lore has been filtered into broad myths and epics from times long past. The history and the lore of the alicorns that was recorded was last after the rise of Discord during the Second Age, bringing the First Age to a close, and the eventual demise of the alicorn race.


The First Age, often times referred to as the Age of the Alicorn by some scholars, was a time when alicorns were just as abundant as the other three tribes (Earth Pony, Pegasus, and Unicorn). The alicorns where those who helps to guide the course of nature, and went generally unseen by the other three tribes. During this time period, there was very limited interactions between the four tribes, thus leaving most of the knowledge limited itself.

Members of the different sects of the alicorn tribe generally shared a similar branch of specialized talent between them. It was not uncommon to find a sect of alicorn who all specialized in talents of spirit or ethereal base, while another group may have talents focused upon nature and earth. Each sect would gather together, and while they existed as a dominant force among the four tribes, would claim the skies above the cloud level upon floating islands

Each of these floating islands varied in size, most being just large enough for a home and a bit of farming land. The largest of these floating islands was their capital.

Technology of alicorns was broad and vast, ranging from pure magic, to magitech, and many things in between. Those alicorn with talents more based in elements of nature may have favored technologies derived from the forests, where as alicorns with a talent for metals may have sought out related magitechs.


The actual lore of the alicorn tribe seems rather unknown, outside of small little tid-bits that expanded into many different epic poems, or inflated oral myths. The tales of the alicorn which due remain are primarily based upon their encounter and war with Discord.

The alicorn were once a tribe of order and harmony, and the very nature of Discord went against the foundations of their own beliefs. Eventually, a war would break out among the forces of order and chaos. In the end, they could not bind the chaos that was Discord, and were wiped out. The true methods of their disappearance go unknown by all but Discord himself.

With their defeat, most of their floating islands were lost, either falling from the sky, or vanishing from history with the loss of record. Legends say that the capital city still survives, and remains high above the clouds of Equestria.


The information in this section is more the technical knowledge behind the race. This information is not necessarily things that would be known without proper research. Like all races and species of Equestria, this knowledge is known to vary between its members.


Alicorn are the fourth race found within the pony tribe. Like their smaller relatives, their share many of the common features, however a pegasus unicorn (as the name would imply) also has the physical structures of a horn and a set of wings.

Lifespan and Birth

The life-span of an alicorn is unknown, as the race seems to be relatively rare among ponies.

The offspring of an alicorn may result in the birth of another alicorn, though it is more common for another tribe of pony to be born under the parentage of an alicorn. The union of two other types of pony may result in an alicorn birth as well, though this is generally far more rare and the chances of a alicorn being born to with alicorn parentage is generally much greater.


The diet of an alicorn is general an herbivorous one, consisting primarily of different vegetable and fruit matter. It is not uncommon for ponies to consume baked goods and mixed drinks, such as juices and teas.

With practiced used, an alicorn can develop a way to sustain their diet by use of their own specialized talent, though this varies from pony to pony.

Horn Structure and Wings

With both wings and horn, the alicorn shares certain characteristics with both unicorns and pegasi, with quite a few differences as well. Like a unicorn, the horn of an alicorn is their primarily source of magical manipulation and spells. The horns are generally conical and spiraled in shape, and are much more slender and sharp than a unicorn's own. The glow of the horn may vary from alicorn to alicorn. Although they are associated with their magic, an alicorn's horn is strong and sharp enough to have mundane uses, such as popping balloons, or in a charge against an opponent. As with the horn of an alicorn, their wings are different from that of a pegasus, generally wider and more broad. Though it grants them flight, their abilities may not be as on par as those of a pegasus with specialized abilities.

Alicorn Magic

The magical abilities of an alicorn is on-par with that of a unicorn in their abilities. What an alicorn lacks in physical strength, they make up for it raw talent or intellect with the use of their magic. The magic of a alicorn generally only revolves around their own special talent, such as their job or hobbies. It tends to be a bit more unusual for an alicorn to be highly versatile in other fields outside of their specialization; the magic of an alicorn itself does not generally happen without reason. Alicorns, like unicorns, are able to grasp other basic elements of spellwork such as telekinetic manipulation or levitation of objects.

The magical ability of an alicorn can be disrupted in a number of ways; since the casting of magic requires a degree of focus from the pony, where physical force (such as a good bump on the head or being tackled) can prevent an alicorn from completing their magic. A number of natural objects can also negatively affect alicorn magic, most notably Poison Joke, which can in some cases prevent a alicorn from doing magic of any kind. Due to the strength of their own magics, the other pony races generally have difficulty competing with a alicorn's special talent.

Magical Aura

The color of alicorn's magical aura seems to vary from pony to pony. Though generally consistent for an individual pony, it may change color depending on mood and strength of the spell to be cast. Colors seem to range from purple and blue, through to various shades magenta, yellow, white, green, and light blue.

Cloud Walking

Alicorn ponies have the ability among ponies to naturally walk on clouds. This ability has also been demonstrated by griffons, pegasi, and many different types of winged animals.

Foal Abilities

When small, the magical abilities of a foal seem to be erratic and random. The magic of foals come in surges from a build-up of magical energies that have been known to discharge in a variety of different fashions. It is not uncommon for an alicorn foal to exhibit multiple talents from their surges, either from passing through solid material, levitating large objects, or breaking locks of toy chests.

MUSH Information


Alicorn Guidelines

To those wishing to pursue an alicorn should be aware of the restrictions and guidelines that goes along with them. Below is a list of general guidelines, which should be taken into consideration.

  1. Alicorns are not god-beings, but more akin to ‘guides’ with their specialized talents. As we have seen in the show to some extent, alicorns (referred to as 'pegasus unicorns' by Hasbro) are generally no more powerful than any other type of pony. There is a special exception to this with Luna and Celestia, because they have lived for such a long while and have the knowledge, experience, and wisdom that comes from their advanced age. However, this exception has also been seen in other pony races, such as any of the Mane Six with their special talents in many capacities for raw talent. All powers and skill-sets should be easily found and publicly documented for others to review.

  2. The ascension to the race of alicorn is still on the table, however many complaints have arisen against this idea. Ascension will be remain open, for the time being, but is closed to any on staff until a general player seeks this option to receive an alicorn. If it cannot work, ascension to alicorn may be removed if it cannot be easily reworked into something more readily available to those who qualify for it.

  3. The application of OC alicorns will be allowed through traditional character-generated means as a new character. Those applying for an alicorn through this means are required to have a detailed background, including such things as history, documented skill-set, and their reason for being for background. An alicorn OC should also have an explanation for why they may suddenly show up upon the grid, and try to work it into the roleplay and character development as they interact with other players. Application for OC alicorns in this manner will be open to those who qualify for them. For requirements and play responsibilities, see 4.

  4. All alicorns will be required to follow certain guidelines, and considered 'special secondary characters.' What this means is that they must follow secondary character guidelines, but will be held to a higher standard. All alicorns are, in a sense, plot-devices. Because of this, they will be required to be active in at least two public scenes or events a week (the average between canon and secondary characters) in different areas of the MUSH. Alicorns may only be applied for by those who have an active presence on the MUSH and be well established, with no major disciplinary problems. All current alicorns will be held up to these standards, as well. Those seeking OC alicorns will be asked to document character story, history, skill-sets, and the like on the MUSH wiki. If they are unable to do it themselves, staff may be asked for assistance.

Alicorn Ascension

Below are the rules and process for a player on the MUSH to receive an alicorn from their current character through a process known as "ascension." These rules may be subject to change if problems arise with them.

  1. Player must have at least 6 months of role-playing experience, at least 3 of which are on Equestrian Dawn

  2. Player must have an extended tinyplot scheduled for a 3 month length (minimum) for their ascension. This is to ensure they contribute content and story to the MUSH, and show they are willing to invest time and effort into their character either way.

  3. Player must engage in role-play outside their own plot arcs (can be either private or public), with a minimum of 2 players (at least one non staff/staff alts) vouching that they did, indeed, participate in a story run by someone else.

  4. Players must discuss and finalize the TinyPlot with Plot Staff (Plot Wizard preferred) and then receive final approval from a Head Wiz (Luna/Celestia).

  5. Players must have no disciplinary record within the past 3 months.

  6. In universe, a normal pony can not become an alicorn without the aid of an already existing alicorn, or being of power exceeding theirs. Therefor, players must receive approval from two of the existing alicorns who will be participating in their tinyplot, one of which is required to be Celestia or Luna, as they are the oldest, and most powerful, at this time.
    • May be revised.

  7. The plot for ascension must have a risk for failure that will depend on the others involved. Embarking on the journey does not mean they will make it to the end. Players must discuss, and accept an appropriate repercussion should they fail to ascend. Should the attempt fail, this repercussion may be mitigated or revoked through a second plot, or involvement in one. However, they will not be eligible for another ascension with that character.

  8. The Tiny Plot may be vetoed at any time by either Celestia or Luna, or by the non-staff players involved at the end. In the latter case, all non-staff (no one on staff, or their alts) that desire to do so may review the tinyplot and the alicorn-hopeful via pre-written form to either the Plot Wiz, or Celestia/Luna. These will be considered, along with the staff's own decision, and a final decision made. The votes, and their comments will be made public. The names attached will be held confidential unless the player desires their name made public.

  9. Players should have a plan for at least one (1) month after their tinyplot, both if it succeeds, and if it fails. This is to ensure that even if it does not go the direction they were hoping, they are willing to carry on with the character.

  10. Alicorns are considered public figures in an IC and OOC sense. Due to this, both before and after Ascension, applicants must make themselves available for public RP. This means engaging in RP on the main grid*, rather than in private residences or off-grid locations, on a regular basis. If enough complaints are lodged with staff regarding an alicorn who is not regularly on the main grid, disciplinary actions may be taken.
    • Main grid pertains to rooms easily accessible by players without special permission or knowledge.

  11. If the applicant already an Alicorn, but lost it due to disciplinary action or was otherwised removed by a staff decision, they may not recover that Alicorn, and must start all steps from scratch.