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Magical Equine

Identifying Features




Zebras are ponies that developed outside of the known four primary tribes of pony. Although suspected to be related to Earth Ponies, such a connection has not been established.


Zebras are rare amongst Equestrian lands, hailing from one of two countries that lie beyond the great southern sea. They have existed since before the First Age, but extended contact is rare due to the distance and bodies of water involved.


Zebras were originally a singular tribe having dominion over an area of the world which gradually became known as Zebrica. However a conflict of tradition and philosophy resulted in the eventual separation into two distinct cultures. The northern herds retained the nation name of Zebrica, and held to tradition of being visionaries and spiritualists, with knowledge passed down from adult to child by voice and legend.

The southern herds, considered ‘outcasts’ by the deeply traditional northern herds, founded the nation of Neighrobi, and pursued intellectual development rather than spiritual. As a result, the southern herds developed the concept of writing and recorded history much earlier than their northern cousins.

By the time official contact with Equestria and Princess Celestia’s monarchy was established by far-ranging diplomats and explorers, the two countries had solidly considered themselves separate from the other and that no common bond of kinship existed.


As both tribes of Zebra have developed writing and history, both Zebrica and Neighrobi have significant documents and stories going back to the time of separation. Needless to say the stories about what caused the separation are colored on either side to favor themselves as being ‘in the right’ with the opposite nation depicted as ‘in the wrong’.

The most notable example of Zebra within Equestrian lands, Zecora, is a member of the northern herds from Zebrica.

Although none can say why the practice of rhyming speech became dominant, both countries have different traditions as to why it is continued to this day. For the southern herds from Neighrobi, rhyming speech is used as a foal-hood game and teaching tool, although it is not unknown for adults to retain these habits. It is not considered ‘immature’ for a Zebra from Neighrobi to rhyme their speech.

For rhyming speech as known among the northern herds of Zebrica, see Magic below.


Zebras of both Zebrica and Neighrobi speak a common tongue that, although shares similar grammar to Equestrian, does not share the same alphabet. This language is naturally lyrical, which makes rhyming quite easy. Zebras who go abroad will also typically pick up and speak the local language used in countries that they make their home.


The information in this section is more the technical knowledge behind the race. This information is not necessarily things that would be known without proper research. Like all races and species of Equestria, this knowledge is known to vary between its members.


Zebras share many traits with earth pony kind, supporting the idea that they were an offshoot of earth pony that somehow ended up across the southern sea and made a home there. While the average zebra is not as strong as the average earth pony, the average zebra possess a much higher level of endurance.

Lifespan and Birth

The lifespan of an Zebra is no longer than any other pony, though there have been cases of a Zebra living well over a century.

Zebra traits will typically become dominant when in a mixed pair of Zebra and another type of pony. Most notably striped pelt in some way.


The diet of an Zebra is an herbivorous one, consisting primarily of different vegetable and fruit matter. Zebras are very fond of tea, especially those of the northern herd, who use certain blends of herbs for their teas to assist in relaxation in preparation for their ritualistic magic.

Zebra Magic

The southern tribes of Zebra from Neighrobi do not possess notable magic outside of that which is similar in kind to Earth Ponies, subtle and indirect. Please see Earth Pony for details about earth pony magic, with consideration that on average, zebras are physically weaker than earth ponies.

The northern herds practice a ritualistic magic, communing with the spirits of the land and their ancestors. This practice gives a Zebrican Zebra insights into the motivations and feelings of other living things. Practitioners often are found rhyming their speech at nearly all times. It is thought by practitioners that this appeases the spirits with which they commune, and makes it easier to achieve one-ness with those spirits.

MUSH Information

As stated in the Terms of Use, Zebras are open for application and do not generally require special considerations.