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Unicorn tribe banner, from Hearth's Warming Eve.








Unicorn, Magical Equine

Identifying Features

Magical horn



Unicorns are one of the four tribes of pony. They are set apart from pegasi and earth ponies by their horns and their ability to perform special types of magic.


Unicorns have been a dominant tribe in Equestria since the First Age. Their tribe has a rich culture, which has been expanded and built up the over the ages. It wasn't until the end of the Third Age that unicorns began to join with the other remaining pony tribes, bringing in a new age of discovery, the Age of Equestria.


In the beginning of the Ages, unicorns were a tribe of hunter-gatherers who cultivated what they could find, before moving on when resources became scarce. Unicorn relics and artworks from the First Age, or the Paleopony Period, still exist to this day, having been created by the raw magical talent. Unicorns were also among the first of the tribes to form a system of writing and recorded history in some form

Not much is known of the the Second Age, as during this time most of the records were destroyed. It has been assumed that, with the entire world in chaos, parts of unicorn culture were also lost during this time. It wasn't until the defeat of Discord and the beginning of the The Age of Wandering did writings from the unicorn tribes reemerge.

It was during this age that history shows that the unicorn were no-longer a primarily a tribe of hunter-gatherers, and had begun forming settlements all over Equestria. They created a monocracy, ruled over by a Princess. It was also during that age the unicorns took up the mantle of controlling the rising and lowering of both the sun and the moon. As the story of Hearth's Warming Eve states, the tribes would create a tentative agreement during this time.

Toward the end of the Third Age, dissension grew between the three remaining tribes, which brought about Windigoes, winter spirits that feed off fighting and hatred. With them would come never-ending blizzard, so long as the turmoil between the tribes continued. Sometime during this time, representatives from the three tribes would meet and would eventually join together to establish Equestria. It should be noted that not all pony tribes joined under the banner of Equestria, due to disagreement or due to never being reunited after the fall of Discord. Other lands would be created by these pony tribes. It is no longer clear what tribes the founders of Equestria originally came from.

After the crisis of the Fimbulwinter of Hate averted and the founding of Equestria begun, the Fourth Age would begin. This age is known as the Classical Period, or the Age of Equestria. It was during this time that the unicorn would establish the settlement of Canterlot from which to rule, and would mine the gems in the caverns beneath it. Also during this age, Withersford was founded as the center-point for the nation, and was still among the few settlements of the age to see all of the tribes living together.

After the corruption of the original founding place of Equestria, and the creation of the Everfree Forest, Canterlot was renamed the capital of Equestria and Princess Celestia took up the unicorn title of Princess. To this day, though more types of ponies have settled into Canterlot, it is still primarily the main settlement of the unicorn tribe, and its population reflects that.


Unicorn artwork and relics have survived from as far back as the Paleopony Period, as have many of their written works and stories. Also, many records of legendary and famous ponies still remain from previous generations, as well, such members of the unicorn tribe including Starswirl the Bearded, Princess Platinum, and Clover the Clever.


The information in this section is more the technical knowledge behind the race. This information is not necessarily things that would be known without proper research. Like all races and species of Equestria, this knowledge is known to vary between its members.


Unicorn share many, if not most of the same traits that both earth pony and pegasi possess. The most prominent difference of a unicorn between the others is the spiraled horn from their forehead which sets them apart.

Lifespan and Birth

The lifespan of a unicorn is no longer than any other pony, though there have been cases of a unicorn living well over a century.

Unicorn can come about from any parentage or lineage, as long as a unicorn ancestor lies somewhere in either side of the family. This has been evidenced by Mr. and Mrs. Cake, two earth ponies who had Pound Cake, a pegasus, and Pumpkin Cake, a unicorn.


The diet of a unicorn is an herbivorous one, consisting primarily of different vegetable and fruit matter. It is not uncommon for ponies to consume baked goods and mixed drinks, such as juices and teas.

Horn Structure

The horn of a unicorn is their primarily source of magical manipulation and spells. The horns are generally conical and spiraled in shape, with a short, rounded tip. The glow of the horn may vary from unicorn to unicorn.

Unicorn Magic

The raw talent and intellect of a unicorn grants them focused use of their magic. The magic of a unicorn generally only revolves around their own special talent, such as their job or hobbies, and tends to be a bit more unusual for unicorns to be highly versatile in the things they can do with it; unicorn magic itself does not generally happen without reason. However, it has been shown that unicorn have the ability to grasp the elements of other forms of manipulation, such as telekinesis or levitation.

The magical ability of a unicorn can be disrupted in a number of ways; since the casting of magic requires a degree of focus from the unicorn, physical force (such as a good bump on the head or being tackled) can prevent a unicorn from completing their magic, a number of natural objects can also negatively affect unicorn magic, most notably Poison Joke, can in some cases prevent a unicorn from doing magic of any kind. Due to the strength of their own magics, the other pony races generally have difficulty competing with a unicorn's special talent.

Magical Aura

The color of a unicorn's magical aura seems to vary from unicorn to unicorn. Though generally consistent for an individual pony, it may change color depending on mood and strength of the spell to be cast. Colors seem to range from purple and blue, through to various shades magenta, yellow, white, green, and light blue.

Foal Abilities

The magical abilities of a foal seem to be erratic and random. The magic of foals come in surges from a build-up of magical energies that have been known to discharge in a variety of different fashions. It is not uncommon for a unicorn foal to exhibit multiple talents from their surges, either from passing through solid material, levitating large objects, or breaking locks of toy chests.

MUSH Information

As stated in the Terms of Use, unicorns are open for application and do not generally require special considerations.