Thaumaturgic Gagetry

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“Behold the awesome power of the Super Speedy Cider Squeezey 6000!” - Flim and Flam

Thaumaturgic Gadgetry, colloquially known by most ponies as ‘Magitech’ is a catch-all term for technology that uses magic instead of more commonly known technology as power sources or control systems. The example above, for instance, is a fairly standard auto-squeezer with quality control system, however, its power source is the magic the Flim Flam Brothers provide.

Other forms of Magitech include Vinyl Scratch’s turntables, some of Twilight Sparkle’s science equipment, and the arcade machines.


Magitech has been around for as long as anypony can remember, in some form or other. First pioneered by the Alicorns during the First Age, current Magitech understanding is far below that original level.

Artifacts and vaults of knowledge shed light on the wondrous things the ancient Alicorns could construct and maintain using Magitech methods. However, most of these were lost, or buried during the Age of Discord, and the subsequent disharmony.

The Neighponese of the current Age are the closest anypony has gotten to achieving the feats of the ancient Alicorns, however, they still pale in comparison.

Examples of Magitech Artifacts

Ancient, walking cities lay in ruin, once majestic and full of life, they now rattle with rust and decay, sometimes housing a small group seeking shelter from the wilder, untamed weather of the wilderness beyond Equestria’s borders. The largest is Alexander, a vast citymech easily the size of Canterlot. It's location, while hinted at, is still unknown.

Other ‘citymechs’ have been found and looted by various factions and nations. The Neighponese capital is built upon the ruin of one, and is where much of their technology has been derived.

Pros and cons of Magitech devices

Being technology, there are both advantages and disadvantages to Magitech items and constructs.


  1. Durability and longevity. They are very hard to damage, and the better examples can last for many years before failing
  2. Versatility. Magitech devices can be made in many shapes, sizes and roles, freeing up their user for other tasks, by making some jobs much easier, or completely automated, not relying on some pony being present.


  1. Difficult to repair. Generally, Magitech items are only repairable by somepony versed in their workings. Some very special items can only be repaired by their original artificer.
  2. Potential for Malfunction. Just like normal technology, Magitech devices can malfunction if misused, or not maintained properly. Though their nature can have more dire consequences than simple inconvenience.
  3. Specific power source. Typical of Neighponese Magitech in particular, some devices cannot be powered by other sources of magic, or they can, but work at a very reduced ability.

Known Magitech ‘schools of method’



Using special devices known as Cores Neighponese Magitech is the most advanced ponykind has gotten in the field thus far. These have their own limitations of course, but they are often outweighed by the usefulness of the devices.


These are a special type of gemstone used in Corecrafting. Managems can be created by any pony race, but each charge them differently.


Lower on the scale of complexity, however, many devices have been created using a unicorn as the power source. These are generally ‘work aids’ such as Vinyl’s boards and speaker arrangement.


While they have little need for technology, the Griffons have a small group of researchers delving into the area of weaponized Magitech in particular, being far more aggressive than most of ponykind.