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For those accessing this service, they are required to follow certain guidelines if access to the MUSH is to be granted.

Users of Equestrian Dawn (from this point forward "ED" and "MUSH") refers to those who connect to its service, including guests, players, staff, wizards, and administrators.

The term "service" refers to anything involved within the operation of ED, including, but not limited to its databases, servers, and the various codes and programs associated with its operation.

General Rules

  1. All users who access the MUSH must be over the age of thirteen (13) years of age.
  2. Users are expected to be courteous to one another.
  3. Please keep real-life drama to a minimum in IC areas. Talking of real-life drama is allowed in OOC areas, but if a number of users ask the player to stop, it should be taken into advisement that others may not wish to speak of it.
  4. For out-of-character responses, use the +ooc or ooc command. This is not required in an OOC zone.
  5. The MUSH is largely rated PG (see 'Mature Behavior', below, for the exceptions). What is done in private areas is at the discretion of the players, but please keep policies in mind when attempting this sort of role-play.


Content should be kept to a rating of PG, and in a family-friendly tone, as within the nature of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (henceforth to be referred to as "MLP:FiM").

MLP:FiM is based on a children's show, and as such the staff does their best to keep the theme of the MUSH in line with the creators' intentions. However, it is understood that users may wish to engage in plots that exceed the normal boundaries established within the show (violence, gore, sex, et cetera).

Mature Behavior

In order to accommodate the full range of RP needs, we do allow Adult RP on Equestrian Dawn. However, because the MUSH is intended to keep a PG rating whenever possible, Adult RP may only be held in designated areas that are protected with the proper tools to prevent underage players from accessing those areas, as per the MUSH's building code.

Plots which would not be permitted within an episode of MLP:FiM for reasons of violence or sexual content are not permitted in public areas unless stated otherwise. The term "public area" includes any rooms that any character can reach by using exits from the Welcome Room. Outside of this definition, all other rooms are considered private. Any area whose entrance or exit is locked using some form of @lock, or an area that is only accessible through a portal or via direct teleportation with @tel is private. If an entrance or exit is unlocked within a residence linked to the global grid, it is considered public.

Certain areas have been designated "grimdark" where violent or "gory" scenes may take place. Please be aware that these areas are still within the public areas, and that players entering them acknowledge that they may be exposed to violent content.

Sexual themes may only take place within areas designated as private. If an area must be made private either temporarily or permanently and assistance is required, please consult staff for support.

Privacy and Harassment

A right to reasonable privacy is granted to users of ED and its services. Users of the MUSH may not use programs, puppet objects, or other methods to monitor conversations of activities inappropriately. “Inappropriately” refers to any way that infringes upon the privacy of another user, or exploits another user without their expressed permission. However, the administration and staff of ED reserve the right to monitor any and all communications within its services.

Certain data will be collected, such as character names, email addresses, and dates of birth. The administrators have access to this information on an as-needed basis. Every effort will be made to protect privacy of users; however, the administration reserves the right to log any and all actions taken by players at any time with or without notice, and will cooperate with authorities if the need arises. Staff may use the 'examine' command and other methods of retrieving information remotely as needed.

Users of the MUSH may not harass others. Repeated attempts to communicate or otherwise interact with a user who has clearly requested to be left alone are a violation of the Terms of Use. Grieving, trolling, 'paraspriting' (the act of intentionally causing problems) or deliberate misbehavior of any kind will not be tolerated. Further actions that may be construed as harassment include any insult directed at a demographic group (ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, et cetera), page-bombing, threats, insulting use of profanity, or not leaving a player alone after the user has been asked to quit paging the player or to leave their rooms.

While unlocked rooms may be labeled as public with previous definition, some may wish to not be disturbed. Users should be aware of scenes they are entering, and should take it upon themselves to ask before entering. Entering public areas and being asked to leave may happen. If a user is asked to leave through a majority consensus, and does not, this may be construed as harassment. Entering a private area while asking to stay out, or teleporting randomly into a private area is harassment.

If the offense is minor, a warning will be issued. If the offense is severe, the user's account may be banned without notice. There is a line between in-character conflict and ruining the game for other players.

Knowledge of alternate characters is not required information, and is at the discretion of the player of the character(s).


Up to five (5) role-playing characters will be allowed per user and player. This allows for one of each of the basic pony race (unicorn, earth pony, pegasus), plus two additions, or any combination thereof. Examples including 1) playing three unicorns and two pegasus ponies, 2) playing a baby dragon, a zebra, a griffon, and two pegasi, 3) playing a canon character, a secondary character, and three original characters, et cetera. This rule will be altered on an as-needed basis for wizards and event cast members to run plot or game events, or if a non-RP staff-alt is needed upon which to conduct business only.

Certain races are freely open for applications, where-as others require either special consideration or are highly restricted. Below is a list of those races, as well as their status.

Open: Bovine, Buffalo, Crystal Pony, Diamond Dog, Donkey, Dragon (Baby), Earth Pony, Griffon, Pegasus, Unicorn, Vesper Pony, Zebra
Regulated: Breezie, Changeling, Dragon (Adolescent), Flutter Pony, Goat, Sea Pony
Restricted: Alicorn, Dragon (Adult), Minotaur

Races listed as open do not require any special considerations during their applications process.
All races labeled regulated may require additional elements to be worked out with staff before they may be approved, as well as may not be a player's first character on the MUSH.
Any race labeled as restricted are open only to those who meet the requirements, and have the necessary background and experience with the MUSH as a whole.
A player may have up to two regulated characters.
A player may have up to one restricted character.
Canon and Secondary Characters do not count towards these limits, only the total character limit.

Canon Characters

Canon characters are recurring characters who get considerable screen time, a defined speaking role and distinctive voice, and/or have starred in their own episode of MLP:FiM.

The current canon characters are the Mane Six (Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy), Spike, Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders (Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle). Check the Character Availability Page to see if any canon characters are open for application.

Users must have an established, active character on the MUSH before applying for a canon character. The MUSH as a whole should be familiar with the player applying.

Canon characters are expected to play a minimum of at least three sessions or scenes each week.

Canon characters are expected to keep their actions and interactions mirroring those of the show as much as possible. For instance, canon characters cannot get married, have children, et cetera unless such has been portrayed on the show. Any canon characters who wish to find out what is acceptable should contact plot staff and go over what they would like to do with the character and how. This is both to ensure that the MUSH remains close to the source material, and to ensure that the character in question is relatively easy to transition to a new player in the event that the current player of a canon character chooses to drop the character or is stripped of the position for violation of the Terms of Use.

Open canon characters are subject to an interview process if the character is available and more than one user wishes to apply. In this case, wizards and administration staff will meet and interview the users. Once all applicants have been interviewed, the administration will decide who is the best fit for the character.

If the player of a current canon character cannot keep up with the obligations or requirements that the character entails, the player may be contacted by staff.

Secondary Characters

Secondary characters are characters who have appeared on the show but do not qualify as canon characters, either because they aren't recurring characters or because they have not received considerable screen time, do not have a defined speaking role and distinctive voice, and have not been the focus of an episode of MLP:FiM.

Secondary characters include Trixie, Big Macintosh, Granny Smith, Lyra, Bonbon, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Mr. Cake, Mrs. Cake, Fancy Pants, Derpy, et cetera. Check the Character Availability Page to see if any canon characters are open for application.

We require that the user have an established, active character on the MUSH for more than two weeks before applying for a secondary character.

Secondary characters are expected to play at minimum one session or scene a week.

Secondary characters are not required to keep their actions and interactions mirroring those of the show as much as canon characters. Secondary characters can have long-term relationships, marriages, children, et cetera. They are urged to keep their characters as close as possible to what information about the character is available.

Open secondary characters are not subject to an interview process if the character is available. If more than one user wishes to apply for a secondary character, then an interview process similar to that used for canon characters will be used. Otherwise, secondary characters are on a first come, first serve basis.

If the player of a current secondary character cannot keep up with the obligations or requirements that the character entails, the player may be contacted by staff.

Process for Idle Character Acquisition

  1. Upon a person stating they have an interest in a character marked idle with +laston/idle (currently two weeks, they are asked to send a mail to character and plot staff with the following format: @mail +app=Interest: Character Name/Reasons. Before a player may state interest in a character, or apply, they must fit the requirements found in +terms/secondary.

  2. If applicable, the inquiring player is asked to wait a week so that the current player of the character may be contacted.
    • If player responds they wish to keep the character, they must become active on the character, and not "character squat."
    • If player does not respond, the character is assumed "abandoned."
    • For "orphaned" characters, or those characters who have been willingly given up by their player all ready, they are marked as "available" on the +laston/idle.

  3. In the event of an available or abandoned character, application opens up for one week in which applications will be accepted for the character.
    • For available characters, they are opened immediately for applications.
    • For abandoned characters, announcements of application will not be posted for one week, and then the week-long application acceptance will begin.

  4. If after the week, others have expressed interest, an audition will be set up for those interested. If no one but the original inquirer has applied, the character goes to the player interested.

Original Characters (OC)

Original characters are characters who have never appeared on the show and are an original creation of the player.

Original characters do not have any requirements for minimum number of sessions played per week. However, OC's that go without login for over 93 days (about three months) will be subject to automated removal from the system.

When selecting the species of your OC, consider the following: Earth ponies, pegasi, unicorns, and zebras carry no usage restrictions. Exotic species such as small speaking dragons, seaponies, flutterponies, et cetera are accepted, but you may need to speak with our character and plot staff teams to ensure they are integrated well into the setting of Equestrian Dawn. Alicorns are heavily restricted. These are commonly reserved only for players who have been on the MUSH for a considerable time, have engaged in very long and engaging plot-lines to become alicorn, or have received some form of clearance from Princess Luna or Princess Celestia. This is not to say that creating or becoming an alicorn is out of the question, but it would take a considerable investment from the player to have this happen as a permanent change. Temporary alicorns may be allowed at Luna's, Celestia’s, and plot-staff’s discretion.

Other Characters

Gender-swap, Filly versions, and Clones of Cannon and Secondary Characters: Gender-swapping, filly versions, and clones of canon and secondary characters can be allowed at the discretion of the staff and the player of the canon or secondary character involved and may require some IC reason for existing. We implore that the name of this character be distinct and not just a modified version of the original character (FillyTwi, FillyShy, et cetera). Filly, gender-swapped, and clone versions are also held to the standards for secondary characters.

Characters from previous generations (G1 - G3.5) are allowed and will be treated, for all intents and purposes, with the same rule-sets laid down for Other Characters. However, some background ponies that have shown up in the show give a resemblance toward previous-generation ponies (Surprise, Moondancer, et cetera). In this case, they are held to the standards of Secondary Characters. If a previous-generation pony later falls under this status, they may be elevated from Other Character requirements to Secondary Character requirements.

Guest Accounts

Guest accounts can be used for any purpose by players who have not registered characters, other than to do things which violate the AUP such as malicious coding, spamming or harassment.

Guest accounts may be used at any time by registered players. However, this is discouraged unless there is a good reason for it. The principle good reasons for a registered player to use the guest account are to contact staff if the player is having difficulty accessing a character they have created or to test code. Discouraged reasons for a registered player to use the guest account are using the guest account to check who's logged on, or the last date someone logged on (this can be achieved by using the +laston and/or typing WHO at the login screen), using the guest account to role-play, or pretending to be a legitimate guest.

New Accounts

New players who have read these policies and agree to abide them can leave the Newbie Room by typing:

agree to policies

New accounts are required to agree to the terms set forth in the Terms of Use.


Some objects owned by another player may be found within a public area. These items may not be picked up, or taken without the owner's expressed, direct permission.

Players should, also, keep track of their objects and where they have been left. If a user does not wish for their objects to be picked up by another, they should set a basic lock upon the object. This can be done by typing @lock itemname=charactername, where ‘itemname’ is the name of the object, and ‘charactername’ is the name of the character the player has created the object upon.

To keep track of their own objects, the use of @search (cost: 100 bits) may be employed. When used by a user, it displays a list of objects owned in the following similar format: Item Name(#00000T) [owner: Player(#11111PeAC)]. A user may examine their own objects using ‘examine #00000’ (where 00000 is the number of the object), which will display the location of the object, in a way such as: Location: Room(#22222Rn). The object may also be returned to the user using the command @tel #00000=me.

Users may not leave out objects containing scripts that may be malicious or objects that may be potentially offensive to another user.


In addition to the policies stated above, the following actions are also prohibited: intentionally trying to damage the MUSH database, server, or site, lying to or purposely withholding necessary information from an administrator, subverting a MUSH-coded system, spoofing (or using @emit) as another player, et cetera.

It is understood that third parties may wish to use Equestrian Dawn's services to advertise their own services or to request aid for the same. It is expected that any third parties wishing to do this will first gain the consent of staff and administrators before making any posts or communication dedicated to advertisements. Failure to do so will be considered spamming and appropriate action will be taken.


Access to the services of ED are a privilege, and not a right. Access may be revoked if guidelines are not adhered to, and at no time is there a guarantee of access. Those who have been found to have violated the Terms of Use may lose access to the services.

Notification will be given as required. However, administration reserves the right to restrict access with no prior warning in the case of emergency, technical limitations, player behavior, et cetera on a case-by-case basis depending on circumstances presented.

Legal Responsibilities and Obligations

The services of ED may not be used for any illegal purpose. Users connected to the MUSH may only use the services provided in a lawful manner. The sending or receiving, as well as its solicitation, of materials which breach or infringe upon U.S. Federal and State Law, or local laws of where you, the user, are connecting to ED from is prohibited. Things that fall within the definition includes, but not limited to, materials that are threatening, libelous, or violate trade-secret, patent, or copyright protections.

Copyrights and trademarks of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and its related merchandise, venues, and related objects are owned by Hasbro and its Creators. Copyrights and trademarks of The Hub are owned by Discovery Communications, Inc. and Hasbro.

By accessing this service, you agree to be held responsible for anything done upon your connection, or with your character (do not give out your password!). If access is gained to any of these things, you will be responsible for the consequences, whatever they may be. Administrators will never ask for your password in-game, in an e-mail, or under any circumstances.

ED and its administration and staff may not be held accountable or found liable for any action or lack of action related to use of its services.

Violation of the Terms of Use

Users who violate the Terms of Use, or who commit acts not explicitly covered by this policy but deemed a violation of the policy's spirit by the administration or staff, are liable to consequences including:

  1. Verbal warnings from a staff member for minor issues.
  2. A written warning from the staff for major, or repeated minor, problems.
  3. Suspension of access to the MUSH and its services for a time to be determined by the administrators.
  4. Removal of the user's character and termination of access to the MUSH and its services without prior notice.
  5. Notification of the user's site and/or system administrators.
  6. Notification of civil and/or law enforcement authorities.

Administrators and staff are not above the rules, terms, and policies stated above. If a user feels a staff member is in violation of the rules they should contact a wizard or administrator to lodge a formal complaint. If the user feels they have been wrongfully suspended, or deleted, please contact the administrators of ED through email at equestriandawn@gmail.com explaining the circumstances of the suspension or deletion. All suspensions can be repealed.

If you do not agree to this Terms of Use as a binding contract, you may not remain connected to ED or its services.