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This is a stand-in page until the original Tartaurus page can be restored, if it can. Since the naming convention of Tartarus is argued over, for the sake of this page, the author will simply use 'Tartaurus' for a 'Taurus' pun as fitting for places in theme.

Tartaurus - What is it?

Tartaurus is, in effect, a hidden super-max 'prison' for the worlds most dangerous things. It also serves as a deterrent to the outside world to keep it away from the things in the center. This place is guarded zealously, and rightly so. Ponies don't take field-trips here, it's not a zoo.


Add something here at one point or another as to how Tartaurus is structurally made/looks.

What is Imprisoned Here?

  • Dangerous Things - Generally, the things that are considered too dangerous to the world to be left out, but because ponies are soft sometimes, they couldn't bring themselves to end the threat. So, it got locked away. This could and does include generic monsters.
  • Ancient Dragons - Ancient dragons who were locked away here for the safety of the outside world. Not all of them of course, not even most of part, simply some. Those that are here are feared even by the Guards of Tartaurus despite having to be treated/dealt with from time to time. If you want information on this, speak with Tonic Gin and/or Happy Days.
  • 'Stuff in the Center' - Time has since lost exactly what was trapped in the Center. The only ones to know of its contents are likely the rulers of Equestria themselves, and the direct lineage of the family who operates as the "Elder" of Tartaurus. The title of Elder has passed down through the line of Imera.

The Founding

Tartaurus' founding can be traced back over a thousand year, some time after the Fimbulwinter of Hate. A wandering pony stumbled across what he realized to be an extremely dangerous area. Upon consulting with the leaders of various near-by nations at the time, he gathered a group of would-be guards and architects and set out to cordon off the area. With time and centuries, this would come to be the island where Tartaurus now resides, just outside of the nation of Fleece. To those not in the know, the location is simply an uninhabited, extremely dangerous, mountainous island.

While it started small, soon the idea came that other dangerous things should be deposited there, and the nations around the world began to gather things that were too dangerous to be left free and put inside. Eventually it became an accepted thing to do where able and even desired as it also would act as a deterrent to those who wanted to invade Tartaurus to get the things within for personal use!


With the appearance of Nightmare Moon toward the end of the Fourth Age, the island of Tartaurus went on lock-down and into seclusion. This was in an effort to protect it from Nightmare Moon, if necessary. With the crisis was solved, the island stayed in isolation and would eventually become a myth.


Around three hundred years ago, a schism opened within the ranks of those who guard Tartaurus. Among them was a group of extremists who came to believe that there was nothing dangerous in the Center of Tartaurus. Within this group, they believed the inhabitants of Tartaurus were going against the natural order of the world by locking all of the dangerous things away. By doing this, they believed the world was becoming too weak to defend itself, and the danger was needed for the greater good.

Thus, they attempted to destroy the gates of Tartaurus and scatter the guard. They ultimately failed and eventually fled Tartaurus, never to be seen again.


In more modern times, not much has changed. Since the last threat of Nightmare Moon, there has been no true ordeals to cause any issues with Tartaurus, exceptions given to the escape and return of Cerberus and the Schism.

Recently, word has begun to spread of a group who are trying to incite a number of rumors. Such claims made by this group include the dogma that monsters should be treated better and freed. They also assert that Tartaurus is a real and bad threat that should be destroyed.

The Denizens of Tartaurus


  • Cerberus
  • Scillia
  • Monsters


Though exceptions have been found in the past, those who guard Tartaurus are almost exclusive ponies of some variety. Many of these ponies sought only mates from their own home villages, leading to a decrease in diversity.

The Guards of Tartaurus are generally extremely well-bred, not by choice so much as happenstance. Those too weak and unable to carry out their duties were replaced by the strong. With the strong continuing their family lines, ponies found within Tartaurus are quite different from those from the outside world. Inhabitants from Tartaurus are usually taller, stronger, and heartier. In place of bright pastels, their coats are generally darker and muted in color.


The Guards of Tartaurus have a rather simple enough culture. They live for and die by Tartaurus, to protect it from the outside world, and to protect themselves from the things within. All of their practices and mannerisms tend to come from just this.

It is extremely militaristic in nature, though not in a cruel manner. It is simply a matter of life for them. They were born to and raised in this environment and that is simply what they know and what they hold to be true. Those who are not guards are farmers and the likes, taking care of the day to day things in Tartaurus village while the guards keep watch and protect them.

Some mares are guards too, though pointedly more are not due to the fact that it is rather hard to produce future generations if all of the mares got hurt, or even some.


Not having much access to the outside world and having many, many generations and legends and stories to live by have brought those within Tartaurus to act much like the [Celestine] in that they worship the Alicorns, and specifically Celestia and Luna, as their Goddesses. In recent centuries they have come to accept their duties and place in life as a blessing by the Heavenly Sisters so they can protect the world from Tartaurus, and protect it from the world.


Family is very important to those within Tartaurus, and comes above all else except keeping the integrity of the Gates of Tartaurus, as without that, family cannot stay safe to begin with. Ponies mate for life, marriage is sacred but also seen as a necessity because the village must go on, and foals must be born for this to happen.

Pregnant mares are protected more highly than stallions and normal mares are because of the obvious, and as a note of trivia, when a birth is happening - every single stallion, no matter if it is their shift or not, is put on guard until it is through. This is mostly as a precaution in case something happened during the birth that they could do what is necessary and most optimal to keep them all safe.


Within Tartaurus, the rank structure is treated with utmost importance. You /do not/ disobey your superior no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT. You do not abandon your post, you do not shirk your duty, you do not slack off and you do /not/ act on your own.

In addition, while there is obviously always going to be dissent to orders or commands, you do not bring this up while on duty unless it is life-threatening not to.

Without having things such as uniforms and the likes, there is no real visible insignia or sign of rank with the exception of manes. Most guards within Tartaurus take having a long mane as something of a sign of strength, and honor. The strongest guards tend to have longer manes while those in command, or in the situation of the actual leader of the Tartaurus guards, have the longest manes if they so desire and often do.

Young foals and those who are being punished for some reason or another tend to have their manes cropped until they earn their place or spot back.

Other Notes of Importance

There has only been one exception in since isolation where if somepony stumbled across Tartaurus for some reason or another, they were not forcibly kept there to protect the integrity and safety of Tartaurus. This was with Twilight Sparkle, who was the student of Celestia, who returned Cerberus.


  • Imera family NPC's
  • Happy Days
  • Tartaurus NPC families
Skills and Abilities

Throughout the many many centuries that Tartaurus has been guarded and protected, many things have been tried and put into practice where it can be. Methods of combating giant beasts, knowledge about monster anatomy and biology, passed down from generation to generation.

Everyone in Tartaurus would know these things and even the mares would be taught how to defend themselves, even the ones who are simple farmers and teachers and housewives.


A lot of the magic that is used within the confines of Tartaurus tends to be what would be otherwise considered 'forbidden' in outside lands, and within Equestria. Things that would be considered too violent, or too dangerous, or simply morally wrong.

These things are used because it is /necessary/, and the guards will do /whatever is necessary/ to protect Tartaurus at all costs.

Necromancy specifically is not practiced, though, and anypony found practicing such would quickly be addled and thrown into Tartaurus, including whatever means they found of learning it.

This can and does at times include such forbidden things as blood magics and mental manipulation magics, though those who can actually practice such are few and far between.

Runic magic, that is the practice of imbuing magical runes, is also practiced to an extent to help aid the guards further. Due to the amount of effort it takes to put these into use practically, those who have access to true runic presence tends to be the commanders of the Tartaurus guards and above, and the Rune Mages themselves, those who study and put into practice such things.

All guards, however, have runes placed onto their bodies that allow them to cast a spell powered by their own vitality, if necessary, to open a portal to Tartaurus to send something directly there. This is not done lightly and is, in fact, done only if necessary - mostly because it cuts into the lifespan of whoever uses it.