Starlight Serenade

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Starlight Serenade
Starlight Serenade.png
Portrait of Starlight by Snow
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Eyes Green
Mane Black
Coat Royal Purple
Cutie Mark Crescent moon, followed by three star quarter notes.
Nationality Equestrian

Starlight Serenade is a tall unicorn from Fillydelphia, and rather overweight. Her talent is singing and projecting not only her voice, but other sounds into the minds of ponies, regardless of distance.



Starlight was born to a geriatrics nurse by the name of Soft Cure. When she was born, due to Soft Cure manipulating the system, the foal was never officially named. Her birth certificate is blank on the name.

Growing up in the big city, she went by the name Girl, as that is what her mother referred to her as. In school, she excelled in many courses, making her a target for bullies. It did not help that Girl was also very shy and reclusive, making fighting back difficult until her temper would explode, landing her in more trouble then her tormentors. To make matters worse, to call Soft Cure a harsh mother would be a gross understatement. The nurse frequently screamed at her daughter for the slightest infraction, repeatedly bringing up it was because of Girl that her father left, and that they never even wanted a child. These tirades were particularly venomous if brought on by Girl being selfish.

The only reprieve and happiness the filly experienced was when she sang to the Moon. Soft Cure put it into the child's head that Princess Celestia was aware of Girl and her antics, and that it was only Soft Cure's intervention that prevented the ruler from banishing the filly to the Moon. This led to the child serenading the Moon and its occupant, as well as telling it her entire life, in the hopes of befriending the Mare in the Moon before her arrival.

Finally, at the age of sixteen, Starlight was cast out of her home the moment the date changed to her birthday. She was thrown out, without any possessions, wandering Equestria. She wandered for four long years, nearly succumbing to both hypothermia and starvation on multiple occasions. During this time, she adopted the name 'Star', in honor of the night sky she so desperately loved. It wasn't until she arrived at Ponyville, did her life change swiftly.


Starlight's magic takes on a black aura, often a cause of fear and distrust of the large mare ever since she was little. Often this can obscure what she's holding if she concentrates enough.

At its base, her magic and talent is to sing and create phantom music, over nearly any distance. Through research and self-reflection, Starlight discovered the 'source' of her magic: Void. With this knowledge, she's been able to perform impressive feats. She has performed solo, music that would require a full orchestra, with some impressive visuals to a great range of an audience. Other spells she's picked up are a dangerous form of dispelling, and teleportation.

The flaws in her magic are that it is a projection in the mind, so any pony suitably far enough away, would see nothing if her magic cannot reach them. The other is that she never learned how to strengthen her magic, leaving it vulnerable to dispelling. However, because it is all in the audience's mind, the illusions can be hard to shake off, and the brain helps work against a pony subjected to it.


Her primary skill is singing, which she is very accomplished at, having a wide range of keys she can hit. Aside from this, the Bard of the Court tends to be a Mare-of-all-Trades. This means she is competent in many skills with some training, but will never become a master at anything outside of singing or performing phantom music.

Her other skills are as followed: Sewing, Dress Designing, Mana Core Building, Clockwork Repair, Battle.


Drillbit is Starlight's personal mana core and confidant. It is also the name for her Armor, built by Moonstone.

The armor is black, and reminiscent of Neighponese Samurai armor, especially in the helmet design. Twin heavy crossbows are mounted in the flanks. On both of the shoulder pads, and on the horn, are three golden drills, each topped by a reinforced gemstone for the tips. These three drills help augment and empower spells that go through them, as well as be used for battle.

All of this is powered by a Phase Four Core, named Drillbit. The core's personality is hard to pin down, as he is very quiet. Serious-minded traits have been observed however. The core is not permanently attached to the armor, and is usually found inside a clockwork doll in the shape of a black alicorn. The core itself is highly unusual, powered by chaotic emotion magic. This means that Drillbit gains power from spirited emotions, but is drained by low emotions such as depression.

These are also the second generation of Drillbit, as the original core and much of the original body was destroyed during the Neighpon Conflict. The only pieces to fully survive are the golden drills.