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This page is currently unfinished, and is missing important information.

What follows is a list of staff, their positions, and corresponding account on the wiki. Each heading should contain a small description of what each division of the staff does, and what each helpstaff member is responsible for, if applicable.

Each staff team will have a second in command, permitted to act in the wizzes stead if they are unavailable, so that other staff members may approach them first, if needed.
Please list only your staff alt on this page, or whatsoever character you prefer to receive staff-related issues.


Admin: Cocoa

Plot Staff

Plot Staff Guidelines

The role of Plot Staff is to come up and assist with ideas for plots as a whole. What this means that Plot Staff is key foundation in helping to introduce plots on the MUSH that the general populace of the players can join in upon and interact with. All members of Plot Staff are required to fall a few, simple guide-lines to help push things along.

  1. Creation of plots.
    • Plot Staff is required to come up with at least one plot idea monthly that may be implemented with any group upon the MUSH in some degree. These types of plots can be of any size, from small group-oriented ones, to much larger ones of multiple parties. These plots may be short or long, slice-of-life, adventure, et cetera. Plot Staff is not required to only work on these specific types of plots. If they wish to work with something more specialized, such as grim-dark or other venues, they are more than welcome to. However, to build a pool of available TPs which can be pulled from, all members of Plot Staff must contribute in this fashion.
  2. Assistance with plot ideas.
    • Some folks may have problems coming up with all of the details of their own little plots, and may require input or assistance from a member of Plot Staff. Plot Staff must make themselves available on the +H-Support channel at all times (this channel should never be gagged). We are staff first, and we must cater to help a player that is in need.
  3. Assistance with running plots.
    • As members of Plot Staff, we must be available to act as a plot-device or as a 'director' to help push plots along, and see that they get off of the ground and started. This means helping to give directions, or to pull those interested in. This also means such things as announcing plots from time to time that are scheduled, or also to actually talk with players and see if they would be interested in certain plots. Again, Plot-Staff must make themselves available.

It is understood that Plot Staff are players, too. However, staff members have an obligation, as well, and that must be filled if they wish to remain staff.

Plot Wizard: Golden Apple
Secondary: Tonic Gin

Code and Build Staff

Coded and Build Wizard: Pixie Dust

Code and Build Staff Guidelines

Building Code

  1. All rooms must be described in a manner appropriate to the maturity level of the area in question. If it's going to be a public room, that means keeping it PG. Anything beyond PG should be behind properly locked doors and/or in properly flagged areas.
  2. All rooms must be completely desced, spellchecked, and proofread. Build Staff is allowed to refuse to link an area in instances where the descs are below the quality of the rest of the grid. This doesn't mean one or two spelling errors will disqualify an area from being linked to the grid.
  3. All rooms must be in line with the theme of the area they're being linked to. No high-tech sci-fi lab complexes in Ponyville, no sudden jungles in the middle of Canterlot, etc. Outdoor rooms must have the WEATHER flag set on them with: @set here=WEATHER
  4. Entrances to grid-linked areas from the grid will be set DARK *only* at the area-owner's request.
  5. Exits must flow back to the grid. That is, no matter where you are in the area, typing 'out' repeatedly should always lead back to the grid.
  6. Exits must either:
    • Have all @succ/@osucc/@odrop messages set. -OR-
    • Use cardinal directions and follow the naming format of: <Exit Name>;<direction letter>;<direction>;<everything else>. This is so that the exit parent can properly determine the @SUCC/OSUCC/ODROP messages on exits that do not have those values set locally.
      • Example: Town Square;N;north;town;square;TS
  7. Areas must be properly zoned before being linked to the grid. To create a zone simply follow these commands:
      • @create <Zone Name> (Example: @create Sugar Cube Corner, @create Canterlot Palace, @create Ponyville)
      • @lock <Zone Name>==me
      • @lock/zone <Zone Name>==me
      • @lock/chzone <Zone Name>==me
    • Then use @chzone on each room and exit in the area in order to add them to the Zone.
      • @chzone here=<zone name>
      • @chzone <exit name or alias>=<zone name>
  8. Rooms should have descriptive names, as the zone itself will specify what the overall area is. If we were to take Sugar Cube Corner as an example, the zone would be named “Sugar Cube Corner”. The rooms should be named things like “Storefront” “Upstairs Hallway” “Mr. and Mrs. Cake’s Bedroom” “Pinkie Pie’s Bedroom” etc.

Code Staff

Secondary: Sweet Dreams

Character Staff

Character Staff Guidelines

  1. Character Staff's responsibilities include assisting in the creation of new characters as well as the integration of new players into the MU*.
  2. Character Staff is to watch the players of any featured canon or secondary characters to make sure they are available and have the appropriate amount of play-time. Character Staff is to uphold the required responsibilities of featured characters, and to work out a method to help the player of the featured character. The in-character actions of featured characters if monitored by Plot Staff.
  3. During auditions of any featured character, at least on member of Character Staff should be present. They will work will Plot Staff in organizing and holding these auditions in an auxiliary manner to assist Plot Staff as required.
  4. Character Staff will, like all other members of staff, be expected to help sort out player strife and keep the generally peace on the MUSH.

Character Wizard: Ember Glow

Player Judges

Player Judge Guidelines

  1. The task of a Player Judge is that of a mediator, and are the preferred method of venue between players and staff. If there is a problem inherent within the MUSH, Player Judges are the ones to speak to, and will work toward getting the player the help that is required. Player Judges also step in to help mediate problems between individual player.
  2. Player Judges assist in plots as they are required. As needed, they may help to guide plot-lines along with Plot Staff. In situations that require combat, a Player Judge may provide assistance in the role-playing process so things are integrated within the theme and rules of the MUSH.
  3. Player Judges are not staff, and are normal players who have volunteered their time to help players as they can in greater capacity. If an issue arises that a player does not think staff can directly handle, Player Judges may be contacted to help resolve issues present.

Judge Wizard: Cocoa