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Race Name
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Replace image with relevant picture, or omit image, image-width, and caption if one is not available.


Location(s) this race is commonly found


Common / Uncommon / Scarce / Rare / Very Rare / Extinct


Magical / Mundane


Closest earth-counterpart, such as birds, canines, insects, etc.

Identifying Features

Short description of physical features that make this animal identifiable


Yes / No / Restricted

The opening of the page is an appropriate place to describe the physical features of the race in more detail than the info-box, and a short description of what makes it special, to be gone into further detail further down. This section should be no more than a paragraph or two. Re-state its scarcity, as described in the info-box.


The history and lore of the race should go here in this section. A single paragraph explaining the origins of the race should be placed here, and then expanded upon in the next sections.


History of the race can be filled out here. Multiple paragraphs. Notable events of past members of the race, how they have lived, what they have done.


Lore of the races should go here. Things such as myths, legends, rumors, and the like.

Like animals, races marked 'Rare' and rarer should be revered or loathed as appropriate, and have very little accurate information concerning them. Extinct races should contain only old rumors or ponytales.


This section is for technical knowledge that would /not/ be known without research or recorded elsewhere.


This is a good place to describe the race in greater detail, and list is physical capabilities, limitations, and weaknesses (if applicable). Its dietary needs belong here, as do other characteristics that define this animal physically.


Many creatures are just as magical (if not moreso than) physical, and have a variety of defense mechanisms and capabilities at their disposal, while others require magic to survive. Such things should be listed here.

MUSH Information

Additional information should go in this section on the race and how it pertains to the MUSH.


Rules pertaining to players desiring to apply for, or play as, this race belong here. Omit the section if there are no rules on playing them.