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Animal Name
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Replace image with relevant picture, or omit image, imagewidth, and caption if one is not available.


Location(s) this animal is commonly found


Common / Uncommon / Scarce / Rare / Very Rare / Extinct


Magical / Mundane


Closest earth-counterpart, such as birds, canines, insects, etc.

Identifying Features

Short description of physical features that make this animal identifiable


Herbivore / Carnivore / Piscivore / Detrivore / Omnivore / etc.


Docile / Aggressive / Territorial / etc.

The opening of the page is an appropriate place to describe the physical features of the animal in more detail than the info-box, and a short description of what makes it special, to be gone into further detail further down. This section should be no more than a paragraph or two. Re-state its scarcity, as described in the info-box.


Expand upon the location this creature is found, as well as the places it can survive. The sort of environment it prefers or needs. If this animal is found in multiple locations or habitats, use this to describe what they have in common, and include individual habitats in level 3 headings.

Local Lore

If only found in one area, do not include sub-headings, and instead place the information under 'primary location' here.

Primary Location

Include common knowledge about the creature in question that would be known to those who live in its habitat. This shouldn't be technical or all encompassing knowledge, but instead a description of its properties or warnings someone might know in passing, such as how to tell it from similar critters, whether or not it should be avoided, things like that.
Creatures marked 'Rare' and rarer should be revered or loathed as appropriate, and have very little accurate information concerning them. Extinct animals should contain only old rumors or ponytales.


This section is for technical knowledge that would /not/ be known without research or recorded elsewhere.


This is a good place to describe the animal in greater detail, and list is physical capabilities, limitations, and weknesses if applicable. Its dietary needs belong here, as do other characteristics that define this animal physically.


Many creatures are just as magical (if not moreso than) physical, and have a variety of defense mechanisms and capabilities at their disposal, while others require magic to survive. Such things should be lsited here.


All animals behave differently when threatened, approached, or encountered. Expand on the temperament listed in the infobox and describe its moods, how it tends to react to different stimuli if different than what could be expected,, and describe intelligence here as well if it's particularly intelligent for an animal... or particularly un-intelligent.


Some animals may serve useful purposes when tamed,such as a sheep producing wool. Any such uses would be described here, or the section omitted if not applicable.


If this creature has any noteworthy subspecies which are similar enough to be recognizable as a variation of this animal, but not different enough to warrant its own page, describe them hear under level 3 headings.

Subspecies ?

Rather than re-enter all the above information, describe the apparent differences in the creature, if any, and include relevant information in the following level 4 headings.

Scarcity and Habitat

Certain animals have various subspecies that are have different appearances, abilities, or are just plain rarer than their more common cousins. These variations should be entered here with the following format.
Scarcity Level
Paragraph describing scarcity
Locations Found
Paragraph describing its preferred home(s)

Differences in Characteristics

Simply describe any variations in characteristics in an orderly manner, use a level 5 heading if necessary.