Royal Equestrian Armed Forces

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Equestrian Armed Forces

We are not guards. We are soldiers. Guards protect and defend from within. Guards defends towns, and castles and citizens. We are not the guard, for the guard are the shield that protect the innocent.

We are the sword. We are the thundering hoof of Celestia and the righteous wrath of Luna. We are the first in, the last out, and we do not lose. We are the ones that go hoof to toe with the Changelings, Diamond Dogs, Dragons, Nightmares and any foe that threatens Equestria. We are the ones the cut our way into the Nightlands and through any foe that stands against us. We are the sword. We are very good at what we do. You do not want to meet us.


We are soldiers. Air Ponies, Engineers, Sailors, Cooks, Smiths, Knights, Mages and Warriors. We the Armed Forces of Equestria are the sword sheathed at the hip of our country.

We do not police the streets, we do not direct traffic, we do not rescue kittens from trees. We stand between those who would take our lands, kill our people, and the innocent pony who should never know such evil things exist. We fight not with the hatred for those in front of us. We fight with the love of what is behind us. We fight to keep Equestria innocent. We wash ourselves in blood so that others may live clean.

With the return of Princess Luna, the ancient tradition of The Standing army of Equestria has been reborn. We have grown and the world with us. Now, more than ever, we must uphold the ideals of honor, courage, and selflessness as did those Knights who bore this burden before us. No longer are the evils of this world only stories, and no longer can we pretend that they are.

Current Members

Commander In Chief: Princess Luna Epona.
Captain: Zephyr
First Officer: Strong Heart
First Officer: Tazar
Recruit: Crystal Belle
Recruit: Ash