Rainbow Dash

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Rainbow Dash
Awwww yeeeaah!
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Eyes Moderate Cerise
Mane Rainbow
Coat Light Cyan
Cutie Mark Lightning bolt in primary colors coming from a white cloud
Pet Tank the Tortoise
Occupation Ponyville Weather Captain

"What about "Super-Ultra-Extreme-'Awesomazing?'" - Rainbow Dash, about herself.

The aerial ace, the rainbow racer, the sonic superstar - there's countless titles Rainbow Dash has devised to describe her own awesomeness. Hm. The awesome aerial ace! Now that's more like it! She's well known throughout Ponyville and Cloudsdale in much the fashion of an on again-off again celebrity depending on how inflated her ego gets. While often seen napping in the clouds that float over Ponyville, she's usually one of the first to arrive in a crisis alongside her best friends ready and raring for action!



Born and raised in Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash has spent the whole of her life immersed in the highly competitive world of the pegasi. With tasteless nicknames as numerous as the clouds as the judgement of one's peers as hot as the sun, no young filly or colt would be caught dead being last in place - or frankly anything past second. Even second was questionable. "Runner up? More like the first to lose!" Rainbow Dash would not be that pony. She spent every moment of her young life dedicating herself to being the best flier Cloudsdale had ever seen! From Flight School to the Junior Speedsters, there was barely a time when the wind-frizzled filly wasn't in the skies. If she wasn't practicing she was hanging out with her friends, among them the griffon Gilda, playing pranks and generally trying to one-up each other at every opportunity. And then, while 'defending' Fluttershy's honor, she finally got her big break. The Sonic Rainboom. Oh how she was adored and marveled at! Such a young filly completing such a legendary feat! Her big ego inflated six times that day and really hasn't looked back since. The rest, as they say, is history.

Present History

So apparently, not long after her birthday last year (circa May 2012), Dash had to go and save Ponyville from some rogue fireworks. Except a little collision of fireworks, unicorn magic, and such things created a big old time rift that Dash got sucked into. For some time she was off the grid, her role filled in by well-meaning impostors, until she returned with wild stories of the real Heart's Warming Eve. However, shock about the events that transpired and her warp through time left her despondent and emotionally wounded. Aggrieved and upset, Twilight Sparkle eventually grew fed up with the ongoing struggles of her friend and decided a remedy was in order. Utilizing her new alicorn magic, she re-created the warp and recovered Dash before she was lost to the past and brought her to the forward, replacing the trauma-scared pegasus with her former self. Ignorant of the events of distant pasts and suddenly thrown into the deep end of the future, Dash is left trying to figure out what she's apparently missed. Or bypassed. Something crazy like that.

Notable Feats & Events

  • First modern pony to create a Sonic Rainboom.
  • Youngest known pony to do the same feat.
  • Became the bearer of the Element of Loyalty.
  • Aided in the defeat of Nightmare Moon and restoration of Princess Luna.
  • Aided in the defeat of Discord.
  • Aided in the defeat of King Sombra and restoration of the Crystal Empire.
  • Accepted as a cadet of the Wonderbolts Academy.


Winter Moon's new cutie mark.


There's no doubting this Pegasus is an athlete, even among her active kind! She's stout and lean and sturdy with strong wings and a deep chest. Her crisp blue coat is the color of a clear summer sky, though often enough it's got a thin coat of dust or a bit of disarray even on the best of days. Her unmistakable mane and tail are ablaze in the primary colors of the rainbow and bleed into a blazing rainbow contrail in her wake when she's flying at speed. Like the rest of her they're usually windblown quite heavily and so she keeps her mane and tail relatively short so as to keep them out of her way. Her eyes are a brilliant cerise in hue, the vivid red-pink full of mischief and brass, boldness and even a shred of arrogance. At other times, though, they can display a surprising amount of compassion and concern where her friends are considered. On her flank is her unmistakable cutie mark, a sharp lightning bolt in primary colors coming from a fluffy white cumulus cloud.


Rainbow Dash is the element of loyalty! Above all, her greatest strength is her dedication to her friends, even if she forgets sometimes. Her competitiveness and desire to appear strong at times makes her loose sight of this. It’s made her downright unbearable at times in the past. Her friends matter dearly, though. In the end she has their back and will sacrifice her own self to do so. She’s proud to a fault, and while she may not be so arrogant as Trixie or Lightning Dust, she has a driving desire to be the best she can be and to prove she’s independent, that she’s won or succeeded on her own terms and by her own hard work. She’ll never let herself be seen as weak or helpless. She adores being loved and admired and revels in being a role model for Awesome that other ponies aspire to be like. She’s long grown addicted to the limelight and it’s made her proud. It’s also made her lazy as the praise comes easily, unlike in her younger days when she fought to be recognized among the other competitive young pegasi. She’s happy to sit back and bask in the glory. No longer is she fighting to be apart of the cool crowd. She is the cool crowd.

As time passed, however, she’s begun to learn that her strength just isn’t in her own ambition but in her connection to her friends. They’ve driven her to do bigger and better but never at the cost of herself and they’ve given her stability and a balancing point in her life when it’d otherwise be an everypony-for-themselves routine. Though she’s still loathe at times to ask them for help she’s much more comfortable in acknowledging they’re a major part of her life and bring her a lot more joy than even winning – enough that she was resolved to sacrifice her dream as a Wonderbolt to defend her friends. She may be bullheaded, unwilling to bend and tunnel-visioned in her focus to succeed, but when the chips are down and you’re in a tough spot there’s nopony who’ll be at your side faster and longer than Rainbow Dash. Her friendship is hard won but eternal. soon!



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Additional Skills/Flaws/Etc.

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Character Relationships



Best Friends

Applejack: Dash's counterpart on the ground, these two ponies thrive on competition - with the world and with each other. The natural drive to excel and push their limits brings these two ponies to butt heads fairly commonly but they relish the opportunity. Among the best at what they do, with so few peers to equal them in a test of speed or strength there's true welcome in a real challenge. When Dash needs a kick in the rear for inspiration, she knows just the pony to turn to.

Fluttershy: Rainbow Dash's oldest pony friend and fellow Cloudsdale native. She's long dedicated herself to try and make the shy yellow pony braver and tougher but has inevitably fallen short of that monumental goal. Still she keeps trying and finds real sorrow when she can't entice her shy friend to embrace life with more enthusiasm. While the two are polar opposites in many ways, they seem to be quite close - perhaps using one another to balance out their missing traits.

Pinkie Pie: Dash suffers Pinkie Pie's oddities because, well, she's Pinkie! Nopony can simultaneously make Dash laugh with joy and run for the hills quite the way the party pony can. They seem an odd match, but Pinkie serves as a frequent reminder to Dash how to kick back and enjoy the craziness of life. And she never doubts those crazy Pinkie senses. Woe the pony that does.

Rarity: The diehard tomboy next to Rarity's elegant femininity, Dash is the fashionista's eternal source of dismay when it comes to a well-deserved trip to the spa and a pampering. Only recently has Dash begun to indulge the unicorn, if only to end her insufferable whining. Often the two can be found harassing the other on the failures of their respective life choices but it's usually always in good fun. Only someone as equally stuck in their ways can truly understand the drive to be who you are.

Twilight Sparkle: Twilight and Dash are an exercise in brains versus brawn - both in their life as well as how they approach problems. While it makes things hard for them to come to agreements about, it does serve to solve problems remarkably well. With the physical and mental ends covered, they usually end up meeting somewhere in the middle for a good debate about which of their methods was actually more beneficial. Usually Twilight wins and Rainbow Dash only grudgingly acknowledges it.


Gilda: Rainbow Dash's oldest, and formerly closest, friend took a hit to her status when the two were reunited in Ponyville. A misunderstanding over pranks and jealousies led to a falling out between the two. Attempts have been made to keep things going, however, and the two still remain friends after some long talks.

Spike: While Dash isn't especially close to Twilight Sparkle's assistant, his relation to Twilight earns him the trust and friendship of Dash by default. She's got a healthy respect for grown dragons and is happy to know a younger example.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders: Dash frequently serves as a mentor to these three young fillies, especially to Scootaloo who she's taken under her wing as a pseudo little sister. She sees a lot of herself in them and their perpetual quest to find out who they really are and she's willing to give them a helping hoof or wing to see they get there - in style, of course. That concert wasn't very cool.


Wisp: The two have been crammed in the middle of some interesting rounds of soul searching in the past. From lessons in forgiveness and empathy to learning the makings of a true hero, they've been through some rough spots and come out the stronger for it. The jury is still deciding, but things are looking favorable for the two to potentially be friends.


Changelings: The last memory she had of the critters was them swarming Canterlot. Then Chirp was there when she came to the future and he offered her his hat? Really, they wear hats and have civil conversations now?? Clearly she's missed something.

Lightning Dust: While the two ponies seem like they'd be fast friends for all they're so alike, Dash ultimately took a deep disliking to the other Wonderbolts cadet's 'the end justifies the means' approach. Dash hasn't yet had enough other interactions with her to really come to a decision if she likes or dislikes the other pegasus. Recently, the Equestria Games and the accident that occurred during Dust's performance left Dash reconsidering making a proper offer to patch things up. After all, they really did have the makings of friends. A visit to the hospital started rocky but ended on a surprisingly good note, and hopes are they might reconcile their clash at the Academy.

Prism Swift: While her opinions have fluctuated from bewilderment to dislike to a distrust, repeated interactions have shed some light on their relationship. While it's overall still rather rough around the edges and liberally peppered with an array of challenges and competitions to see how they really measure up, there's the slim chance that some sort of understanding might take place. While it seems unlikely the two could ever consider the other a friend, a mutual and civil respect might be possible. If everything goes well. The ice is still too thin to risk standing on and when two egos this big meet there's always a chance for an epic blowup.