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Note: On the topic of the MUSH History, the document below is the general gist of everything that has been recorded for us by Starlight Serenade. It is well written, and most may very well stay. However, it is still a work-in-progress and some things may be added or change. Most of it will be kept, however. This is what we have so far, but it has not been finalized. Please feel free to comment or +gripe with opinions on it, good and bad. We would enjoy your input. This is merely an overview, and the Ages will be filled out in more detail as they come together.

Age the First: The Age of Alicorns

In this age, the ponies of the world were divided into four distinct tribes:

  • The Earth Ponies who farmed the land.
  • The Pegasi who subsisted on natural groves on mountain tops.
  • The Unicorns who cultivated what they could find, then moved on when that emptied out.
  • The Alicorns who guided nature's course, aloof and unseen by the other tribes.

This time period is marked by limited interaction between the four tribes. Most of the information of this period, especially the alicorns, is very limited. This is not helped by the fact that the alicorns were living above the cloud level, on floating islands. As far as development is concerned, pegasi and Unicorns are very hunter-gatherer like, with the latter using magic to create much of the early art work that lasts until this day. Pegasi art, made of clouds, did not survive the next age. Meanwhile, the Earth ponies figured out very early on how to raise crops and work with livestock animals for food. Alicorns cultivated their lands as well.

The alicorns themselves lived on their floating islands of varying sizes. Most being just big enough for a home and little farming land. The largest was their capital. All of nature's direction was guided by the alicorns, from the movements of the heavens, to the weather. At this time, because of this, pegasi had no need to learn weather control. Technology here ranges from pure magic, to magitech, depending on the alicorn in question. The alicorns of the forests would prefer something more magical and wooden, to an alicorn of steel's possible magitech. This creates a wide variety of ruins and other things to discover for special archaeological RP.

This age is also known as the Paleopony Period, and the first forms of writing were created, primarily by the Unicorn and Earth tribes.

Age the Second: The Age of Discord

This is the time mentioned by Celestia in S2E1. Discord, the mischievous spirit of Disharmony, was always around, even at the time of creation of the land. However, as time went by, his desire for chaos grew, some thing the order-loving alicorns despised. Their attempts to cover the damages Discord did only egged him on, until an all out war of Chaos vs Order broke out. Siding with Discord were the fae, strange creatures that embodied both sides. While mischievous and chaotic, they were also bound by laws and contracts that only they truly understood.

In the end, the alicorns could not bind Chaos, and Discord destroyed them. The victory was not without cost, and most of the fae were wiped out by the alicorns. Those that were not wiped out, mostly sea and flutter ponies, retreated into the hidden places of the world, and went untouched by Discord. The alicorn islands were lost, with most of them dropping from the sky. The capital survives, and remains high above the clouds.

From here, Discord reigned supreme, causing havoc and destruction all over the world. However, two alicorns escaped Discord's wrath, Celestia and Luna. They went into hiding for many years, watching what was happening to the ponies their kind oversaw. Eventually, the two would find the Elements of Harmony, and with the power of Order, bound Chaos to stone.

Age the Third: The Age of Wandering

With Discord defeated, the last two alicorns retreated from the world, no longer having a place there. This left the three remaining tribes with a world where nature was at a standstill. The Earth ponies retaught themselves how to farm, forming a democratic system. Pegasi learned early and rudimentary forms of weather control. Their government took the form of something more warlike, based on military ranks. Finally, the unicorns, after creating a monocracy, learned how to move the sun and moon. It took a large group, but they were able to do it.

This Age closed with the dissent between the tribes reaching a fevered pitch, the force of their hatred summoning Windigoes and blanketing their territories in ice. When the three tribes left, and reconvened, the land they ended up settling became known as Equestria, their flag taking on the form of their saviors from legend: Celestia and Luna.

Of note, the tribes did not all move as one large group. Splinter factions that broke off earlier, or even were completely separated during the previous Age, founded their own nations. Where exactly, the Equestrian ponies came from, is not exactly clear anymore.

Age the Fourth: The Age of Equestria

This age is the start of the Classical Period. With the Fimbulwinter of Hate averted, the Sisters, Celestia and Luna, realized that the three tribes would need gentle guidance to avert such a disaster again. They once again made themselves known to ponykind, and were instantly recognized from the art work at the start of the previous Age. The Sisters took over, as Princesses of Equestria, and took the duties of raising the Sun and Moon from the unicorns.

With the Princesses there to keep the peace, the other pony tribes began to settle. During this age, they still kept mostly to themselves. Pegasi moved their cloud cities, creating their capital of Cloudsdale. The unicorns crafted Canterlot into the side of a mountain, perpetuating their monarchy, though in a somewhat more limited term, as more a line of mayors. The Earth ponies on the otherhoof, spread out to found various towns wherever food could be grown. A few would continue and grow into great cities, like Manehatten and Fillydelphia.

Celestia and Luna, meanwhile, founded Withersford, at a sort of centerpoint for the nation, and where the founding of Equestria took place. It was the only settlement of the age to see all of the tribes living together.

Sadly, this age would draw to a close, when the Nightmare took over Princess Luna, and she was bound to her Moon. This was after a great battle between Celestia and Luna. This battle corrupted the area around Withersford, ruining it, and twisting it into what is now the Everfree Forest.

Age the Fifth: The Age of Celestia

This is the most well known of the Ages that have gone by, as it is the most recent. This a sort of renaissance period of Equestria, as with everything settled, the ponies could now work on other things. Great achievements in the arts and science span this thousand year period, including modern refinement into weather and mass production of Rainbows.

Age the Sixth: The Age of the Sisters United

Modern times, begun with the release of Nightmare Moon and Princess Luna's reinstatement. Nature, that seeks balance in all things, seems to be reinstating the alicorns again. Next, after Nightmare Dream was destroyed, Raspberry Cream was transformed by the corrupting influence to become Ishiya, an alicorn of the Earth and Stone. Most recently, as this update goes, is the ascension of Sparkler, Celestia's adoptive daughter to Aetheria, an alicorn Shepherd of the Dead. At the same time, it is revealed that the fae are coming out of hiding.