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Hey there everypony! The wiki has a few rules in place to make sure everything's all proper-like, and of course the MUSH has its own set of rules too! So read up, and have fun!

Wiki Rules


  • Each player on the mush is entitled to one account. Please consider having it named after your oldest or most well known OC character.
    • Wiki accounts named after cannon characters, secondary characters, or other characters which may change hands will not be given.
  • Each account must be manually created by one of the staff on Equestrian Dawn, who are administrators on the wiki.
  • Duplicate accounts will be deleted, and may be grounds for disciplinary action.

Creating Pages

  • Everypony with an account is entitled to a page for each of their characters, formatted to their taste (within reason).
    • Remember these pages are accessible to anypony browsing the wiki and therefor must adhere to at highest, a PG-13 rating.
    • If the characteris primarily grimdark, or other adult themes must be included, consider leaving the page unlinked on the relevant categories and links, AND give ample warning and white space at the top to ensure sensitive readers may back away.
  • Everypony is encouraged to contribute to the wiki project, however please attempt to find an existing page fitting your needs before creating a new one.
  • Please ensure that if possible, all new pages are sorted onto relevant categories, which should be linked from the main page if new ones are added.
  • Creating templates is accepted, providing adequate documentation is included in its use if applicable, but final rulings on all template belong to the staff.

Editing Pages

  • Make a habit of including a reason for edit in the summary box above 'save page'. Especially when editing pages made by others.
  • Please feel free to correct spelling and grammatical errors as they are encountered on any page you are permitted to edit.
    • Please do /not/ include editings of names to other names in a humorous manner on any pages except discussion pages, or pages marked as humorous.
  • Do not edit others character pages without permission unless it is to correct minor typographical errors, or fix broken links. Leave a message on the discussion page with a suggestion for what could be added or otherwise revised.
  • Respect community and personal pages:
    • Do not blank pages without reason
    • Do not roll back without reason
    • Do not bring drama onto publicly accessible pages.
    • Do not upload or post offensive media.
    • Leave reasons for editing any page you do not own.
    • Keep pages with mature content seperate as possible from the rest of the wiki.
      • It is, however, permissible to link said mature pages together, as long as these links do not appear on other pages.

Using User Pages

  • You are ntitled to put whatever you feel suits you as the player on your User page, however you must mark it with mature content as described above if it contains anything above a PG-13 rating. If it wouldn't show up in a disney film, tag it.
  • Consier the User Talk page a place to mirror impersonal messages or suggestions if the player is unreachable in MUSH, thoug hit is heavily encouraged you use the in-MUSh command @mail for that purpose.
  • Consider listing your alts on your user page near the top so others may contact you.
    • Please list at least one character you own (OC preferred) on your user page to prevent confusion, and to provide others a means of contacting you in-MUSH.

Humor pages

  • Pages marked with the Pinkie Pie banner are intended to be taken lightly and with humor. It is unlikely they contain helpful or factual information.
  • Humor pages are not an excuse to present derogatory personal views, or views pertaining to things outside the MUSH or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic universe at large.
  • Pinkie Pie does not live in the Wiki, regardless of indications otherwise.
    • Neither does Surprise. Please do not upload or post 'screamer' media.

IC pages

  • Sometimes in character works such as books, stories, or presentations are mirrored on the wiki to make them more accessible. These pages are to be marked with (an as yet uncreated) IC banner. Typographical errors will be assumed to be part of said in character document, and all information contained on that page will be considered as attainable within the MUSH.
  • As above, this is not an excuse to post derogatory or otherwise rule-breaking material.
    • As above, if pages contain adult themes, they must be tagged as such and kept separate as possible from the rest of the wiki.

MUSH Rules

Disciplinary Procedures


Basic Rules of Being a Friend

  • Be courteous. Be efficient. Have a plan to friend everypony you meet. (But mostly, be courteous)
  • Don’t bring RL drama into the game.
  • Use the +ooc command for out-of-character chatter unless you're in an OOC zone.
  • Zero tolerance for public drama.
  • The MUSH is largely rated PG (see 'Mature Themes', below, for the exceptions). What you do behind closed doors is your business, but would you please think of the children?

Character Rules

Canon Characters

  • Canon characters are recurring characters who get considerable screen time, a defined speaking role and distinctive voice, and/or have starred in their own episode of MLP:FiM.
  • The current canon characters are the Mane Six (Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy), Spike, Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders (Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle).
  • Check the Character Availability Page to see if any canon characters are open for application.
  • You must have an established, active character on the MUSH before applying for a canon character. The MUSH as a whole should be familiar with the player applying.
  • Canon characters are expected to play at least three times a week for at least nine hours total. This does not include OOC time.
  • Canon characters are expected to keep their actions and interactions mirroring those of the show as much as possible. For instance, canon characters cannot get married, have children, et cetera unless such has been portrayed on the show. Any canon characters who wish to find out what is acceptable should contact plotstaff and go over what they would like to do with the character and how.
  • Open canon characters are subject to an interview process if the character is available and more then one user wishes to apply. In this case, wizards and admin staff will meet and interview the users. Once all applicants have been interviewed, the admins will decide who is the best fit for the character.

Secondary Characters

  • Secondary characters are characters who have appeared on the show but do not qualify as canon characters, either because they aren't recurring characters or because they have not received considerable screen time, do not have a defined speaking role and distinctive voice, and have not been the focus of an episode of MLP:FiM.
  • Secondary characters include Trixie, Big Macintosh, Granny Smith, Lyra, Bonbon, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Mrs. Cake, Fancy Pants, Derpy, et cetera.
  • Check the Character Availability Page to see if any canon characters are open for application.
  • We recommend that you have an established, active character on the MUSH for more then two weeks before applying for a secondary character.
  • Secondary characters are expected to play at minimum once a week for one hour total. This does not include OOC time.
  • Secondary characters are not required to keep their actions and interactions mirroring those of the show as much as canon characters. Secondary characters can have long-term relationships, marriages, children, et cetera. They are urged to keep their characters as close as possible to what information about the character is available.
  • Open secondary characters are not subject to an interview process if the character is available. If more then one user wishes to apply for a secondary character, then an interview process similar to that used for canon characters will be used. Otherwise, secondary characters are on a first come, first served basis.

Original Characters (OC)

  • Original characters are characters who have never appeared on the show and are an original creation of the player.
  • Original characters do not have any requirements for minimum hours/days played.
  • When selecting the species of your OC, consider the following:
    • Earth ponies, pegasi, unicorns, and zebras carry no usage restrictions.
    • Exotic species such as small speaking dragons, seaponies, flutterponies, et cetera are accepted, but you may need to speak with our newfoal and plotstaff teams to ensure they are integrated well into the setting of Equestrian Dawn.
    • Alicorns are heavily restricted. These are commonly reserved only for players who have been on the MUSH for a considerable time, have engaged in very long and engageing plotlines to become alicorn, and have received some form of clearance from Princess Luna. This is not to say that creating or becoming an alicorn is out of the question, but it would take a considerable investment from the player to have this happen as a permanent change. Temporary alicorns may be allowed at Luna's and plotstaff's discretion.

Other Character

  • Genderswap/Filly versions of Cannon and Secondary Characters
    • Genderswapping or filly versions of canon and secondary characters can be allowed at the discretion of the staff and the player of the canon or secondary character involved and may require some IC reason for existing. We implore that the name of this character be distinct and not just a modified version of the original character (FillyTwi, FillyShy,etc.). Filly and genderswapped versions are also held to the standards for secondary characters.

Mature Themes

  • MLP:FiM is based on a childrens' show, and as such the staff does their best to keep the theme of the MUSH in line with the creators' intentions. There are minors who play on the MUSH, and we want to be careful what we expose them to, both out of respect and because of the law. That said, we understand that some users wish to engage in plots that exceed the normal boundaries established in the show (violence, gore, sexuality, et cetera).
  • Plots which would not be permitted in an episode of the show for reasons of violence or sexuality are not permitted in public areas unless stated otherwise. Public areas are any rooms that any character can reach; that means that your house, for instance, is a public area unless you have locked the door so that random players cannot enter.
  • Sexual themes should always take place in a private area. If you need help making an area private temporarily or permanently, please ask the staff.
  • Recently, a 'Grimdark' area has been created, including the towns of Bardi and Hoofington. These areas permit mature themes even in public places, and by entering the areas in question, consent that these may take place. (See Grimdark Rules below.)

Grimdark Rules


The Grandfather Clause

  • Some of these rules have been created in direct response to past events on the MUSH. Past events that would be contrary to the current rules will not be retconned. The admin team will, however, work with the players involved to minimize any resulting disruption.
  • Players are not permitted to break a rule simply because other players 'broke' the rule before it existed. Attempts to do so will result in retconning the events and may result in further actions from the staff.