Golden Apple

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Golden Apple
Golden Apple.png
Earth Pony Golden Apple
Kind Changeling
Sex Female
Eyes Turquoise
Mane White with black
Coat Rusty brown-red with slight stripes
Cutie Mark A golden apple
Residency Canterlot
General Shape Earth Pony
Occupation Lunar Warden

Golden Apple is the daughter of an Earth Pony and a Zebra. She primarily lives in Canterlot, but travels extensively due to her position as a Lunar Warden. Growing up with mixed heritage, the mare was taught of both cultures between zebra and earth pony, and embraces it. She is friendly, and often times prone to playful teasing with close friends and loved ones. She carries a special talent for puns and word-play, and she is a bit of a wild-card in other regards.


Golden Apple is the child of an earth pony and a zebra, or so they believed. A bit of identity-snatching was done between two very-young foals, putting the imposter in the real one's place. Her mother, Silver Pear, is an earth pony who fell in love with a zebra ambassador from Neighrobi named Bahari.

Growing up, she spent most of her life with her mother in Canterlot while her father was about with his duties as an ambassador. From time to time, she was taken with her father to visit his tribe within his home country. She was later inducted into the tribe and given the name Teshi, which meant 'Full of Laughter' in her father's tongue.

When of age, she was allowed by her parents to join the ranks of the Royal Guard, where she spent some time. With the return of Princess Luna and the recreation of the Lunar Guard, she transferred over and quickly rose through the ranks to become a Lunar Warden.

With the recent events of the re-release of Discord, the mare's true nature was brought to the surface. Due to her own discording and the events which transpired through it, the girl was struck with a bit of madness and identity crisis. With the knowledge of her true nature as a Changeling, the girl has been left confused and conflicted and seeks to make sense of it all.



Teshi's day to day appearance is that of an earth pony. The coat is predominantly a dark, rusty brown-red with slight stripes of a darker hue. Her mane and tail are vanilla white, with a broad streak of coal black through each. Her eyes are a brilliant turquoise, and her cutie mark is a single apple colored a brilliant, bronzed gold.

With her Warden regalia, she is given a slight change of color. The regalia itself is an amulet of polished silver inlaid with a single white opal. When used, her coat go from rust to coal black, and her mane take a uniform vanilla white. Her cutie mark is disguised with the crest of the Lunar Wardens, a silvery full moon near-completely eclipsed, with sliver of uncovered crescent.


Golden Apple loves adventure and mystery, going out of her way seeking both for the thrill of it. This leads to her being perhaps a bit too curious at times, which can lead to no good. She doesn't always think things through, but also tries to work as best she can to 'wing things' to the best end. She can be a bit playful and teasing and times, and always likes a good joke or prank.


Golden Apple has an affinity for some things, mostly dealing in illusions and trickery due to her inherent Changeling nature. Her keenness is specifically based upon word-play and puns. In the grand scheme of things, she can't do much with it, and still has even yet to realize what all it entails to be a Changeling. Growing up, as the daughter of a farming earth pony, she has basic knowledge of horticulture. Her father also made sure to teach her the way of his people, so she has the ability to live in the wilderness and off the land as required.


Mother: Silver Pear
Father: Bahari


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