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A goat


Northern mountains and Western planes







Identifying Features

scrawny horned quadrupedal bovids.



Regarded as mysterious, allusive, and over all odd by most of Equestia, goats are creatures that live simply by their own set of rules.

Racial Traits

Physical Appearance

In proportion to ponies, goats are taller and more slender. They have longer bony legs a slender face, and an almost emaciated completion when healthy. They usually have short tails and tufts of fur growing from their withers, neck, chin, and crown. All goats have horns, though the females' tend to be little more than stubs.


Goats are vegetarian and able to eat things that are not normally considered food.

Mental Personalities

Goats, as a race, can not 'speak' like most races in Equestria. Instead, they communicate emphatically with each other, using the tone and duration of their bleats as well as posture and gestures to convey feelings rather than words. Goats have been shown to be able to communicate through writing, but it is currently unknown if this 'language' transcends individual goat establishments.Despite the inability to speak, goats are highly intelligent creatures that are very observant to the world around them.
Goats are hard workers that can be pretty stubborn.

Goat Society

Goats tend to keep to themselves and prefer to have little to do with the outside world, with some exceptions.

Mountain Goats

The goats that live north of Canterlot in the Crystal Mountains are terrace farmers that grow various root vegetables in the cold climate. They congregate in small settlements scattered throughout the forests of the mountains and construct buildings made of stone and stick to live in.

Plains Goats

Other settlements of goats live out in the plains of Western Equestia. Unlike their mountain counterparts, the plains goats are more nomadic and continuously travel about grazing in different pastures as it suits them.

Goats that Stray from the Herd

Though goats generally don't stray far from their homes and usually have no interest in things that don't concern them, from time to time some will break off and go about living elsewhere. Despite not being able to directly communicate with others in Equestria, goats that interact with ponies will have little to no trouble understanding what they are trying to convey at first contact, and will quickly learn their language.
Because of their higher level of intelligence and stubbornness, goats in other societies will be able to fit in and find work. They can do pretty much any task given to them, so long as it doesn't involve talking.

Notable Goats in the MUSH

Stygget - A villain from Bad Horse's Evil Herd of Evil. He was the one that got away.

Bleat and Ba - Heart Song's bodyguards.