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Dragon Magic is the name of the inner source of power that all enabled dragons may call upon to cast magical spells. Unlike more disciplined magics in the world, dragon magic has no scrolls, tomes, books, documents, or even stone tablets to reference: it is entirely internal and is entirely passed on by example and tutoring. It is known for having a primary focus of Fire Magic with a most common secondary focus on Earth Magic, although other elements have made themselves manifest with less frequency.

It is not oft-discussed outside of dragonkind and never shared with non-dragons, either from secrecy or from inability to adapt it elsewhere.


It is held as a legend among some dragons that Fire came out of creation and formed the first souls of dragons, who bound themselves up in bodies made of earth so they would not consume all other life. Regardless of whether or not this is true dragon magic--specifically, the bond to fire and earth--has been a part of dragonkind since the beginning and is as old as dragons are. The art of refining Dragon Magic into more conventional spells and abilities, however, does not have a clear beginning date but continues on to this day.

Fundamental Principles

The Fire Within

The key to all dragon magic lies with something called "the fire within," which is a supposed internal source inside of all things and is absolutely within all dragons. Purported to be a key part of a dragon's soul, it is undeniably a source point from which all the spells of dragon magic draw from and in certain cases link to. Without access to his own fire within on some level a dragon cannot cast magic at all.

The Earth Without

While not as fundamental to the core of dragon magic, a dragon has basic ties to the things of the earth and more specifically to minerals and metals. As a dragon ages he is able to become more acutely aware of where these things are and with practice and time may even be able to sense them magically. Having this bond opens the door to other magical applications involving earthen things.

The World About

Also not as fundamental to the core of dragon magic and less frequent than the earth itself some dragons find themselves in tune to the other elements, including water, lightning, in some cases even light itself. How these manifestations happen is not known.

Ages and Potential

By way of experience it is most often said that dragons only begin to learn their magic when they become Elders: dragons that are centuries old, as large as they can hope to become, and having their full potential unlocked (though not necessarily fulfilled) on a nonphysical level. There are obvious exceptions to this, however, including Spike the dragon, and so it can be technically true that any dragon can potentially learn dragon magic, provided the first bit of potential is unlocked. The only way to fulfill that potential, however, is through much practice and further growth. In the case of Elder dragons, whose potentials are unlocked, only the practice is needed to fulfill it.


Dragon magic, while potentially impressive, is not indomitable. A sufficient amount of water magic can extinguish the flames of the fire aspect and can render useless certain earth aspects. More importantly, just as with all other magic, dragon magic is not on par with the Elements of Harmony. It is also important to note that most dragons require decades of learning, practicing, and growing in order to become masters of this magic.

Discovery and Rediscovery

As before stated, there is no book containing a sliver of actual dragon magic, which forces dragons who are learning spells to either be taught by another dragon who already knows a good deal about spellcraft or, in more cases, go about learning and making spells by trial-and-error. This technique, while requiring much more time than a disciplined study from tomes, comes with a decisive benefit of originality--no two dragons will know all the same spells and some spells will be unique to one dragon.

Example Applications

The following are examples of spells that can be rendered by a dragon with dragon magic. It is by no means a conclusive or exhaustive list.

Fire Magics

  1. Teleportation (aka magic delivery): While a dragon cannot teleport himself anywhere, by creating a bond between himself and a specific place or person he becomes able to send and receive things there through a magic breath of fire.
  2. Fire-based Writing: A dragon with sufficient knowledge and ability can use fire to write upon any surface, including the air close to him, and leave either an indelible or hidden mark where he does.
  3. Enhanced Fire breath: By focusing his magic into his natural ability to breathe fire, a dragon can expel flames that is more powerful than normal in size, intensity, heat, or any combination thereof.

Earth Magics

  1. Earth Control (false telekinesis): A dragon intimate with metals and minerals can move them in the same way a unicorn can move any number of objects, though he will be much more restricted in this application.
  2. Ground Vision: A dragon in tune with the earth can see things that are hidden inside of it in a similar manner that Rarity can find gems.
  3. Refining: A dragon can learn how to take base materials and refine them into a superior product using the earth aspect of his magic, sometimes in conjunction with the fire aspect.


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