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Common (Alicorns are very rare)





Identifying Features

Quadruped equine, sometimes with horn or wings.


Open: Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn
Regulated: Crystal Pony
Restricted: Alicorn

Ponies are the dominant race that resides within Equestria. Ponies are a group of four distinct tribes, each one sharing attributes of the others while having attributes which make them different. The four tribes of pony are Earth, Unicorn, Pegasus, and Alicorn. In recent times, an additional tribe of ponies has been rediscovered, the Crystal Ponies.


The history of the four tribes of pony is long and vast, spanning over six Ages and hundreds of generations. Alicorns were almost completely wiped about during the Age of Discord, and records of the other pony tribes were mostly lost as well. Earth Ponies lost perhaps the least during the time of chaos, and would later found settlements that would turn into such places as Ponyville and Fillydelphia. Unicorns fared almost as well as the Earth tribe, but were not nearly as versatile and some of their knowledge was lost. They would later found such cities as Canterlot, current capital of Equestria. For the pegasus tribe, due to a lack of recorded history prior to the Third Age, some information is lacking. Thankfully, records between both the Earth and Unicorn tribes of ponies was able to salvage some of the lost history of the tribes. Pegasi founded such cities as Cloudsdale and


See History of Equestria.


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The information in this section is more the technical knowledge behind the race. This information is not necessarily things that would be known without proper research.

A collection of cutie-marks during a lesson by Cheerilee.


Ponies are a race of quadruped equines that vary in color and shapes, as well as sizes. The average pony is no more than four feet in height, though exceptions have been shown between tribes and sexes. Each pony has it's own unique, special talent from which its magic is focused about. The magic manifests itself in the form of a cutie mark upon the pony's haunch. Like the sizes and shapes of ponies, the type of cutie-mark can vary widely between ponies, even those with similar talents.

Lifespan and Birth

The lifespan of a pony is no longer than other types of equine, such as Donkey and Zebra. There have been cases of ponies living well over a century, or a millennium as witnessed by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.

Any type of pony can come about from any type parentage or lineage, as long as such a pony ancestor lies somewhere in either side of the family's line. An example of this has been shown by Mr. and Mrs. Cake, two earth ponies who had Pound Cake, a pegasus, and Pumpkin Cake, a unicorn.


The diet of a pony is, generally, an herbivorous one, consisting primarily of different vegetable and fruit matter. It is not uncommon for ponies to consume baked goods and mixed drinks, such as juices and teas.

Other Attributes

Depending on the type of pony, they may have either the additions of a horn or a set of wings. Each attribute offers the pony a different type of magic that has been inherited from the original tribes.


All ponies are inherently magic and carry a special talent. However, depending on the tribe of pony, the methodology of using the magic is different. The magic of a unicorn is manifested through the use of its horn, producing a varying degree of color when in use. For a pegasus and their wings, their magic is generally based upon the manipulation of weather, as well as the ability to walk upon clouds. The magic of an Earth Pony is perhaps the most subtle, yet powerful of all. Instead of harnessing it in a singular way, the body of an earth pony is their focus. This is generally sampled in their hooves, which have been shown to pull of extraordinary physical tasks. Alicorn magic is slightly different, as they have both wings and horn. However, the only share some similarities between the magic of pegasi and unicorns. While they have the ability to walk upon clouds, so do many other variety of animal with wings, and an alicorn does not have the ability to control the weather. And while an alicorn uses their horn much like a unicorn, they are more more restricted to what they are capable of doing as dictated by their own special talent.

MUSH Information

For earth pony, unicorn, and pegasus, these three pony races are open to application with generally no restrictions. However, for an alicorn, special rules have been put in place for those seeking on of these.


For the rules related to the acquisition of an alicorn, please refer to the alicorn page.


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