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Ingenuity, magic, and nature all collaborate to provide the world with a plethora of noteworthy materials and substances that may be common as a kind of cloth, or so rare as to be worth a fortune for an ounce.

One-of-a-kind materials need not be listed here. Everything on this page should be considered possible to acquire in useful amounts by those aware of their existence. Please note materials marked Rare should require either a wealthy character to acquire, or a Tiny Plot. Materials marked Very Rare should be attainable only through a TinyPlot.

  • Gem: - A kind of gemstone that does not appear on Earth, or whose properties are different.
  • Metal: - A type of metal different from those found on Earth, or with properties different than the mundane Earthly counterpart.
  • Cloth: - A cloth, fabric, or fibre bearing some property or properties that set it apart from the common sort.
  • Wood: - Wood from a special kind of tree, or produced in a way to have a special property.
  • If anything doesn't fall into these categories, please consider adding a new one.

Note: Only include materials here if they do not fit one of the four listed subcategories.


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