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Aetheria Wiki.png
Aetheria opening the gateway between Realms
Kind Alicorn
Sex Female
Eyes Green
Mane Orange with yellow tips
Coat Purple
Cutie Mark A crimson vortex
Full Name Aetheria Sparkler Corona
Age 16 (physical)
Occupation Princess of Equestria
(Adopted daughter of Celestia)
Mare of Shetland
Alicorn of Spirit

"One thing I have learned through all that has happened to me, Life is worth celebrating. - Aetheria


  • Sparkler was born in Shetland, Scoltland.
  • Teleported to Manehattan by her Mother at the cost of her own life. Done to protect Sparkler.
  • Adopted by A Gambling Pegasus and a Clothing Making Unicorn (Not Rarity!)
  • Raised VERY poor in Manehattan. She is found to be a rather intelligent foal but unable to attend better schooling.
  • At Age 8, Adopted Parents decide they can't take care of Sparkler anymore. Take her to Canterlot.
  • In Canterlot, Sparkler is made a Ward of the Palace and meets the Royal Family.
  • Becomes close with the Royal Family and especially close with Sweet Dreams, Ishiya, Floofyhoof, and Princess Celestia.
  • Given the chance to see her Earliest Memories by Sweet Dreams. Discovers she is from Scoltland.
  • Hunted via the Dream Realm by a bit nasty Leviathan.
  • Princess Celestia, Sweet Dreams and Sparkler confront the Leviathan, force her to back off.
  • Sparkler is summoned to Princess Celestia's Chambers, Princess Celestia offers to Adopt her.
  • Sparkler promptly accepts offer, Does not understand the gravity of the decision.
  • Two weeks pass, Offered Adoption from Moonstone, forced to choose between Princess Celestia and Moonstone.
  • Sparkler chooses Princess Celestia.
  • Turns 9 and is Legally Adopted by the Princess. Becomes a princess due to being adopted.
  • Day after birthday, Leviathan strikes again.
  • Months go by, Leviathan attacks Sparkler's teachers, Ember Glow and Winter Moon.
  • Leviathan's attack on Winter Moon and on Ponyville can not go unanswered, plans set in motion to go to Scoltland and deal with her.
  • Go to Scoltland, Meet wicked Aunt who is puppeting the Leviathan.
  • Sparkler is Captured, Family turns local oppressed ponies into army.
  • Army attacks the wicked Aunt's Castle, Sparkler is held deep beneath the castle.
  • The Castle falls, Sparkler casts a teleportation spell on her Wicked Aunt and uses the Scoltish ponies as a weapon to destroy her.
  • Knocked into a Coma by the Leviathan
  • Leviathan is obliterated by her family
  • Trapped in the Dream Realm, Sparkler is confronted with a strange being, asked for help dealing with a problem.
  • Problem is Leviathan's spirit. Fighting ensues.
  • Sparkler uses an extremely powerful, alicorn tier spell by instinct banishing the leviathan's spirit.
  • Then given the choice, cross over to the Summer Fields, Stay in the Dream Realm with Sweet Dream's Mother, or Help ponies cross to the Summer Fields.
  • She chooses to help other ponies cross and she is reformed into an older looking Alicorn.


Part brash, Part hothead, All princess. Aetheria is very inexperienced but her compassion and desire to do the right thing shine brightly when it comes to the day to day parts of life. She is quite intelligent despite being taught how to act on instinct which at times she does. She rushes into situations too often and fails at times to understand that she doesn't need to do everything alone.She is very bullheaded, to the point of at least once having been forced to sleep due to obsessing over a situation. Despite the bad in her personality, she is a very Noble pony who is very compassionate and quite the party pony. After all, if a pony deals with dead ponies a lot, they would need to find ways to have fun or else they would be depressed all the time. right?


Note!!! As an Alicorn Aetheria only has her one talent of transporting spirits. She has not forgotten the spells that she used to know they are just more difficult to cast now and are not as strong as when they were her special talent.


  • Telekinesis: The first magic she was taught, She is exceptionally accurate and due to a very good memory can do things without looking with it. It's NOT strong though. She couldn't lift a snowball as big as she was.

  • Fireworks: As the name suggests

  • Teleport: Taught to her by Princess Celestia, she has practiced this allot. Requires Line of Sight. More taxing on her then most other magics. She has practiced this allot. When Teleporting more then one pony, accidents can and do happen from time to time...

  • Fire: Before becoming Aetheria, Sparkler had learned a lot about fire magic. It was a part of her Special Talent of Fireworks and sadly she had to learn both the defensive and offensive uses for this most erratic Element.

  • Air: Running along side her Fire magic is Air magic. How else would she make the big booms! She again, due to circumstances did have to learn both offensive and defensive uses for this Element.

  • Lightning: DANGEROUS!!! Lightning is extremely unstable but given that it is elementally between fire and air, Sparkler was able to use it. The fact that she could and can probably still use it, doesn't mean she will. Lightning is very unpredictable and could hurt her more then a target.

Dispell: Slow and very magic taxing, This spell was taught to her by Sweet Dream's mom in order to help out a friend.


  • Shapeshift: Given the nature of what she does, This spell is required to help ponies out at the end of their days. Currently She can hold form for at most a day. The results of the change also tend to draw in both racial influence and characteristics if she turns into somepony.

  • Gateway: The gateway to the other side is at her command to use. There are rules about it and she follows them strictly. First off she can not lead other alicorns through but once and there is no return from that trip. Second, she can lead non-alicorns through but she requests they be blindfolded due to the nature of the Summer Fields. She believes that it is highly addicting there and simply seeing it causes ponies not to want to leave. using this gateway, she can get to nearly anyplace she needs to go at remarkable speeds. The downside though is every time she passes through the other side she fights the draw of that place herself. It is a double edged sword.

  • Banish:An alicorn level version of a banishment spell. She only has used this spell once and that was on a very powerful monster. She banished it to the Spirit realm.

  • Spirit Sense: Due to the nature of her talent she can sense when there is an uncrossed Spirit Nearby. She can also glean bits of information from them, often enough for her to know a form to shapeshift into to better help them cross but this is not always the case.


  • Gathering Information: She may not know the information but she does like books so, She knows where to find it.

  • Being Cute: Aetheria can turn on the cute button and be simply adorable at times.

  • Ocarina Playing: She can play the Ocarina and is a beginner at it. Not much beyond that.

  • Royal Canterlot Voice: Taught by Princess Celestia, The very loud very powerful voice which is used by the Royalty so everypony can hear is within her scope of ability. When excited she may slip into this but for the most part it is reserved for dangerous situations.

  • Ancient Equestrian: Having had a lot to read from really old books, Aetheria is proficient at reading writing and speaking Ancient Equestrian. This isn't something commonly used but sometimes it could come in handy.


  • Royal Family: Aetheria is a member of the Royal Family. As such she definitely has a home, has funds,and most definitely has support. With this comes a wealth of knowledge, as well as instruction from two of the oldest beings in Equestria, Celestia and Luna.

  • Whiteout: Aetheria's pet Carrier Pigeon. He is fast and a silly bird who loves nothing more then to carry messages.


  • What's My Age Again?: Aetheria is a 9 year old trapped in the body of 16 year old Alicorn making her as big as a normal pony. This causes her to be immature at times but other times she is very mature. She still acts foalish a lot.

  • Spirit Realm: The Spirit Realm is a real mind job. Time doesn't work the same there, as it is a state of mind. A pony could spend a decade there and think they were there five minutes. It is also addicting. It is why once a pony crosses they don't come back. This makes it especially difficult on Sparkler. She tries to spend as little time in that realm as possible because it is so awkward for her. Think of it as an expy of the Nexus in ST: Generations.(Minus Kirk and Picard)

  • Fears:Aetheria is Still a foal and Spirits are scary. Like it or not, She may be the alicorn of spirit but she is also prone to getting scared. A few major fears of hers are Witherford, thanks to the spirits there being kind enough to show her Luna's fall to the Nightmare, and Nightmares... like Nightmare Moon.

  • Under The Microscope: Being the daughter of Princess Celestia has it's perks but it also has a number of drawbacks. Namely that eyes are on her no matter what she does. When she messes up it is front page news. She can not leave the palace without an Honor Guard as, Royalty is constantly guarded. This makes somethings much more difficult especially for a free spirit. Aetheria is under the microscope by her Mother, the guards and the ponies of Equestria... After all, who doesn't like a little Royal gossip?

  • Don't Fear The Reaper: Aetheria deals with the fears of others every day. Even though she doesn't kill anypony, She does tend to represent that and is often called the grim reaper. She doesn't harvest souls and harm anypony. She is simply a guide. Think Charon or Anubis. She is just a guide. A psychopomp. Not the grim reaper. Still ponies do tend to be afraid of her because in reality, she is the last pony anypony will see before crossing over to the Summer Fields.

  • Lessons Unlearned: Aetheria is still learning how to properly be a princess. She shows the sparks of being a decent princess someday but she is definitely not there yet.

  • Short Tempered: She tends to get angry fairly quick. This is a mark of being a foal trapped in an adults form. Unlike Celestia and Luna who have been around for thousands of years, or Ishiya who has been an adult and is a foal once again, Aetheria has not learned to control her temper yet. She gets upset and takes things personally that she really shouldn't.

  • Acting Out: She is prone to acting out, she is in the body of a 16 year old and at times she does think she knows it all. In reality she doesn't of course. She tends to forget she is not the only pony like her and she tries to do more then she is physically capable of handling.

  • Rags to Riches: Before there was princess Aetheria, or even princess Sparkler, there was the poor filly from Manehattan, Sparkler. She has only been a princess for a few months and lacks the refinement and tact of a more experienced princess.

  • On Call: At any moment, Aetheria could be pulled away to go do her job. That is the duty set before her. Her ability to open the Gateway allows her to be anywhere she needs to be but still, having a normal social life is most difficult for her because of this.

  • The Masks We Wear: Every time She shape shifts she takes on the character traits of the pony she shifts into. For example, If she were to shapeshift into Rainbow Dash, she would find herself HIGHLY competitive... Pinkie Pie, completely insane and would have access to the Party Cannon (don't ask how.)

  • For Love of Ponies: Aetheria has a double edged sword that makes her the prime candidate to be the pony to guide others to the Summer fields. Her Compassion. She cares very deeply for everypony she meets and would give anything to help them and she often does. This compassion at times blinds her to the facts that caused the pony to wind up in their situations.

  • Double Vision: Due to an extended period of time in the Spirit Realm, Aetheria's vision is permanently doubled at least when it comes to seeing anything with a spirit. So for every one pony she sees two. She sees the Spirit and the Physical pony. This causes her bad headaches.
The Filly known as Sparkler